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Need Odor Protection? Go Primal
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Need Odor Protection? Go Primal

I've never thought that much about antiperspirants and deodorants. I remember seeing an email in college that tied commercial antiperspirant to breast cancer, which then sent all of my friends and me to the nearest store for one of those crystals that you wet to apply. It left my underarms gummy and sticky. After two uses, it went into the trash and I went back to my usual brand. After that, when the subject of alternative deodorants came up, I'd laugh and change the subject. I didn't want to be a stinky, sticky mess ever again.

That all changed last year when during a dinner party, a friend mentioned Primal Pit Paste. A few of us were talking about our attempts at all-natural body care and one woman admitted that no matter what, she just couldn't give up her clinical-strength commercial brand. She, like me, was afraid of offending others with our odors or worse, having our husbands move into our spare bedrooms to avoid our stink. The others chimed in with their own natural methods of odor control. One used a spray deodorant she found at the drugstore. Another simply dabbed essential oils and a pat of baking soda under her arms. Then my one friend spoke up about Primal Pit Paste. As she extolled its virtues, I almost laughed but then she said the magic words, "I actually found it to be too strong for my body so I only use it every other day."

Something natural that was stronger than a commercial brand? Impossible! I had to learn more. I went to the product website and found the shortest list of ingredients imaginable: organic coconut oil, shea butter, non-aluminum baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oils. Organic, natural, vegan and supposedly effective. A little further digging, and I discovered it was endorsed by numerous women in Cross-Fit associations (the creator is a certified CF trainer and athlete). I know those women know how to work up a sweat and suddenly, I had to try it myself. It's available in either a jar or stick, with the jar being the most economical choice at $8.95 U.S. for 2 oz. Trial sizes are also available Regular strength comes in three varieties: unscented, lavender and lemongrass & thyme. I chose the latter and have been thrilled on all fronts.

The scent is fresh and clean but not over-powering. As far as effectiveness goes, I have never experienced any odor and the product keeps me mostly dry. Perspiration is a normal bodily function and blocking it is a bad idea. Primal Pit Paste isn't designed to prevent you from sweating. It's just designed to give you some natural protection against odor and wetness -- and I have to say it's even more effective than the commercial brand I was using before. After six months of continuous use, I don't even have to use it daily anymore. I can get by with applying it every other day with an occasional extra application before exercise. And a little definitely goes a long way. I've barely made a dent into my two-ounce jar. At this rate, I probably won't have to reorder until the end of the year.

One more chemical-laden commercial product is off my shelf, and my life is actually the better for it. Oh, and as far as scaring off my husband goes, we're still sleeping in the same room -- and he's even admitted to others that I smell better to him now than I did before.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Erin Rohne
    Erin Rohne
    This is so great! I've been looking for a good natural deodorant for literally years, and nothing I've found so far has cut it. I'm definitely going to check this out. Thanks!
    1. Tonya Kubo
      Tonya Kubo
      Report back your thoughts. I swear, I never thought I'd be "that crunchy" but I am and I love it!


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