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Natural and Fast Toothache Remedies That Work!
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Natural and Fast Toothache Remedies That Work!

Just like headaches, toothaches can be debilitating and excruciating. I don't get them too often, but before I had one of my wisdom teeth removed, I would get toothaches that would leave me unable to do anything else but hide underneath the covers. I recently had another toothache/gum irritation when something got stuck in between my teeth and caused my gum to swell up. While it is important to get something checked out by a professional if you think something very problematic is happening, the following things should be able to give you a lot of swift relief. I have used each of these methods and I was actually amazed by how quickly and efficiently some of these helped. Hopefully you'll have at least one of these in your house at all times in case you need them! They are all multi-purpose anyway, which is the beauty of many natural-ingredient remedies.


Ginger is great - It not only adds wonderful flavour to food, but it works wonders for when you're nauseous (I use it all the time when I'm in dance class and we're doing a lot of spins!) and for toothaches. If you have a piece of ginger root in your kitchen, cut off a small piece and peel off the skin. Gently bite down on the ginger on the affected area and your pain should start to diminish.


Clove oil is the first thing I ever tried for a toothache and it worked amazingly well! When I bought some at the pharmacy it came in a small glass jar and cost under $5. I put some on a cotton ball and gently bit down on it where the pain was. My pain started to subside within 60 seconds. It doesn't taste too pleasant, but you only need a small amount. You don't have to absolutely saturate the cotton ball.

OIL OF OREGANO This is the priciest option if you don't already have some, so I would try one of the other three in order to save some money. It is a great thing to have in your house in general, but not everyone wants or has the money to spend on it. You can either add a couple of drops to water and swish around in your mouth, or do as you would with the clove oil - place a small amount on a cotton ball and bite down gently on the affected area.

Other suggestions:

If you have nothing else, you could get an ice pack or something frozen from you freezer, cover with a thin cloth and place against your jaw. You could also boil some water and place some sea salt in it and stir so it dissolves. When it is warm and not too hot, swish it around in your mouth for twenty-thirty seconds.

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