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5 Natural Ways to Quit Smoking
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5 Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

You don’t have to go through the regular methods of quitting smoking, especially if you’d prefer trying something a little more natural. Here are some options to help you kick your ciggie habit to the curb.

  • Herbal Help

Sometimes a herbal remedy can help treat the nasty side-effects of quitting smoking. For example, chamomile can help ease stress and anxiety associated with the cessation of smoking. However, be careful when considering using herbs such as lobelia, as these can be harmful. Read more about lobelia on the WebMD site

  • Dial a Therapist

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be highly beneficial because you are essentially dealing with an addiction. This therapy involves changing patterns of thought and behavior so that you can get a handle on your smoking habit and re-programme your mind to avoid it in future. You can also gain helpful methods to deal with cravings. The most important thing is that you don’t have to try to quit on your own! There are professionals who can aid you in ridding yourself of this habit.

  • Get Moving!

Part of getting rid of your bad smoking habit is to replace it with something positive, such as exercise. A 2004 study  found that five minutes of exercise at a moderate intensity helped reduce the desire to smoke in the short-term. Exercise can therefore be used as one of your special ammo techniques to prevent you from reaching for cigs when you’re struck by a craving. Go for a run around the block instead! In time, you will increase your fitness and work towards achieving your best body yet, which is sure to boost your motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle all around.

  • Untie the Knots

Giving yourself a quick massage can help you deal with breaking your smoking dependency. A 1999 study found that when people surveyed gave themselves an ear or hand massage, this was beneficial in reducing anxiety, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Food SOS! 

Sometimes smokers worry that they will gain weight when they stop smoking, but it doesn’t have to be this way - and this fear shouldn’t make you continue smoking! If you are experiencing food cravings when you want to smoke, indulge in these wisely with the use of low-calorie, high-nutrient foods and snacks. Plan ahead for these moments by purchasing these foods before you quit smoking so that they will be in reach. If you have to deal with your oral fixation, try sucking on boiled sweets, chewing low-sugar gum or nibbling on cinnamon sticks.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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