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My Quest to Veganism
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My Quest to Veganism

Right now, I see myself as an emerging butterfly coming out of my cocoon. I have gone through many stages on my journey to becoming vegan. I say journey, because for me it has been and continues to be one. I have run out of gas, gotten lost, and my engine has completely shut down on me. However, I continued pushing and searching for a way to incorporate clean, healthy eating into the lives of my family! 

I'm not yet an expert on vegan living. Each day, I embrace new ideas, see new recipes, and read new articles. I was actually prompted by my sixteen year old daughter to try the Vegan Challenge. I was overwhelmed at first. Thirty days of no meat?! Once again, I thought about the butterfly and the processes that it goes through in order to emerge. So, we started taking it easy with baby steps. I'm so happy with the choice my daughter and I have made. We have chosen this route because we believe in taking care of our bodies, enhancing our health, and living a clean life.

I have three other children who are not yet embracing the whole vegan concept, yet they fill up on loads of fruits and veggies daily. Small steps yet again, and I'm proud of their progress. My goal is to have our entire family unit on the same page. However, I'm allowing them to go through their own process, so they too can emerge from their cocoon and fly freely.

I'm proud of our steps, and welcoming our new changes. I'm v-curious, and almost completely vegan!  I'm here! 

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  1. Blanca Verome
    Blanca Verome
    Good for you! It's great that your children are eating so many veggies and fruits, as that will help them establish healthy eating standards for the rest of their lives, no matter what lifestyle they go for.
    1. HouseofSharon
      Thanks, Blanca!
  2. Tonya Kubo
    Tonya Kubo
    I think it should always be about progress, not perfection. Kudos to you!
    1. HouseofSharon
      I agree. Thanks, Tonya!!
  3. alexandra bezerra
    Keep going forward!..yours and your daughters choices will definitely influence the rest of your house hold!..My quest started many years ago as a teen and I was still so new to the whole Vegan thing...With the release of the documentary "Earthlings" I rejoiced!!!!..A mainstream film that would reach so many people...Blessings to you and yours!
    1. HouseofSharon
      Sorry for the late response. I'm gonna try to find the documentary you mentioned so I can view it. Thank you so much!
  4. My Semivegetarian Journey
    I enjoyed this blog post, HouseofSharon. It's a warmly written, nice-and-easy introduction to your blog. I'm going to start following your blog. Best luck to you and yours on your quest. I'm beginning a journey towards semi-vegetarianism, eating vegan now and then, and I'm always looking for inspirational stories written from a personal viewpoint.
    1. HouseofSharon
      Sorry for the late response. I have been slacking on my blog. With kids graduating, and off to college it has been very busy for this mom. Thank you so much for reading, and I appreciate your kind words. I hope your journey has been great!


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