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My best friend Bike
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My best friend Bike

It was in a warm kitchen in Zürich when I received a button: Vélorution, it said. Bike Revolution. As a Dutch girl I had never thought about it, until then: cycling is a statement.

For me, cycling is more logical than walking. It is my number one type of transport: I cycle to school, my friends, different cities, my job. Even during my job I cycle: I work as a bycicle messenger for a cook. With a backpack on my back I race through the city of Rotterdam, carrying her magnificent biological and vegetarian meals. And it's not just me who's racing around like this. Have you ever seen the bycicle shed next to Amsterdam Central Station? It's two stories high and carries 2500 bikes. Everyone in Holland cycles. My parents, my grandparents, neighbours, teachers, nurses, bosses. No exception. Sheds are filled with bicycles: one for everyone, and maybe a spare for when a friend drops by. My dad, the show-off, has three: a city bike, a race bike and a mountain bike. What an athlete! 

The good parts about cycling: it burns fat, not gas. You get out in the sun (or rain, if that works for you). No traffic jams, no paying for fuel. Everyone knows it. What I personally love about cycling is this: it brings you closer to your surroundings. Driving a car makes you focus on the road ahead of you, not on the cute little gardens you pass. When on your bike, you can look around! Smile at people who are walking their dogs. Not being trapped in a metal box on wheels makes people happier and more open for contact.

Back to the cute little button, though - Bike Revolution. Given to me by a radical vegan punk girl from Norway, I now proudly cycle around with it, attached to my messenger bag, with which I transport vegetarian meals. It's not just a way of transport, it's part of a lifestyle. Lost your car keys? Get your butt on your bike!

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Bamboo is a v-curious illustration student from the Netherlands. She lives in Rotterdam, a (for Dutch standards) big city. She loves traveling, and goes everywhere by bike or train. As a part time job she cycles through the city, delivering bio/vegetarian meals that are made by an incredible vegetarian cook. Her passport is always in her bag, just in case a chance of escape pops up - Bamboo's always ready for an adventure!

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Sounds like you live in a healthy culture! I voted for you, for what it's worth now.... if you can still make it to Top Posts with this article! Don't forget that you can vote for yourself, too. And to help you out, don't be afraid to form alliances here with the other writers. I have two great new articles. Come check them out and vote for me too!
  2. the accidental vegan
    I really loved your article. It made me want to go ride around my town, although Iam sure its not as beautiful as rotterdam. But as long as you are riding you do feel free, and thats whats important.
    1. Bamboo
      Thank you! You said it: you feel free, and that's what counts. Rotterdam is not a city to fall in love with easily - it is never love at first sight. I really had to get used to the grey town, but there's a lot you can discover that is really amazing. It gave Rotterdam a permanent place in my heart. The great thing about cycling, rather than driving or taking the tube/bus/tram is that you can look around, take your time - or go fast. It's usually faster to just cruise throught the city on your bike, finding shortcuts and getting to know your city in a different way. So grab that bike! Hopefully you'll love it!


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