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My Husband's Inexpensive (Live!) Lunch Box
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My Husband's Inexpensive (Live!) Lunch Box

My husband has lived for thirty one years and in all that time, I dont think he ever thought that his eating habits would change so much. He grew up eating the typical american diet. Lots of grease and sugar; and of course, as most man do, he loved and still loves meat (but now meat is not part of his daily diet)!

When we married two and a half years ago, our eating habits were not good at all. I remember us going grocery shopping and coming out of the store with a cart full of processed, frozen and just unhealthy food. We ate anything from hot pockets to soda, to frozen pizza and everything in between. Fortunately that only lasted about a year and a half. I began to watch videos about healthy eating and it really made me realize how bad we ate. So little by little our diet changed. We stopped buying anything that was canned and frozen. Once we stopped buying canned and frozen foods, vegetables and fruits-live foods, were our only choice. So our journey of eating better began and it is still going. 

Today, my husband eats so much better. He even helped me come up with the perfect lunch for him. This is something anyone can do and afford. So if you have a picky husband, this lunch idea might help.

All I do is put some spinach in a bowl, drizzle a bit of olive oil, sprinkle salt and cayenne pepper and mix it together. When that is done, I cut a lime and place it in the bowl on top of the spinach. Because I do this at night, I DO NOT squeeze the lime juice on the spinach, it will turn the spinach yellow and that makes it not very appetizing. I also put half an apple and a few berries (sometimes I use strawberries, other times rasberries) in the same bowl. My husband likes it all together. He says the berries taste sweeter and better after they have come in contact with a little bit of the olive oil for so long.

*Tip: Apples tend to turn brown once peeled and since my husband likes his apple peeled, I rub a lime on top of the apple to keep it from turning brown.   That concludes his bowl, which I place on a bag with a banana and a carrot!   

In about 5-8 minutes his lunch is ready to go!

At work, my husband eats his lunch all throughout the day to keep his stomach satisfied. By this I mean, he eats his carrot at 8am, banana at 10am, apple and berries at noon, and spinach at 2pm.

Now, if your husband needs to eat more than this, then by all means, just add more food! You can easily place more greens on the salad, or even some cherries tomatoes! You can pack his favorite fruits (calorie dense fruits like bananas and mangoes are great because they are very filling). Also, if your husband loves bread and does not want to give it up, that's ok! Choose a healthy WHOLE grain bread and turn it into a big veggie sandwich, he is sure to love that! or you could bake him some sweet healthy treats for dessert!

As a wife, I feel grateful that my husband is eating healthier. It gives me peace to know that while his coworkers are eating donuts, pizza and drinking soda, my husband is eating a bountiful feast of live foods and actually loving it!




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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