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Mummy's Corn Spinach Pie
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Mummy's Corn Spinach Pie

Just because our eating habits have evolved, doesn't mean we want to leave behind tradition. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the process of adapting old family recipes into new ones that encompass my new food philosophy. After all, food has to nourish much more than our bodies: it has to nourish our memories and our soul, for lack of a better word.  This decadent and hearty dish is a new twist with deep roots. It's a great go-to for the most ardent omnivore, a great addition to family gatherings where no one will know the wise. Don't tell them that no animals were injured in the making of this dish, and they won't even notice (wink).  Comfort food is still terribly important, whether we have begun using our salad spinner more than our casserole dishes or not. And dishes like this can help connect people, build bridges between the standard American diet and a plant-based one, convince your Aunt Ida that you're not just a granola munching hippie, and heal you when you're sad. Happy pie making, veggie community.


1. 1 cup spinach leaves moderately chopped

2. 1 cup of corn kernels

3. 1 tablespoon finely grated onion and garlic

4. 1 tsp fresh minced chives

5. 1 tsp fresh minced marjoram and thyme

6. ½ tsp tumeric

7. ½ cup silk soya milk

8. ½ cup vegan soya cheese

9. 1 small can salt free tomato sauce

10. ½ teasp olive oil

11. A splash of Braggs amino acids

12. 2 tablespoon ground organic oat flakes

13. ¾ cup whole-wheat breadcrumbs


1. Lightly spray a 2 inch casserole circular dish.

2. Combine ingredients 1 – 10 above. Add oat flakes and breadcrumbs slowly until thoroughly mixed.

3. Place in the casserole dish and bake for approximately 40 minutes in an oven at temperature 400 degrees or until lightly brown.

4. Serve with your favourite main dish or mak eit your main dish with a salad or veggies. 

 It's even good between bread as a sandwich or as a breakfast dish!



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Sounds good.
    1. Kelita kellman
      Don't forget to vote :)
      1. Eve Sherrill York
        Eve Sherrill York
        Won't let me or I would. Have to wait until tomorrow it said.
  2. Kelita kellman
    Thank You!!! :)
    1. Eve Sherrill York
      Eve Sherrill York
      Sure. I love spinach and corn.
  3. No Name
    I am not much of a spinach person at all but I do love corn. This looks very interesting and I might try this and find another vegetable to replace the spinach with. Thank you so much. Thank you and voted


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