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Mr. G in: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
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Mr. G in: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Greetings all! 

So here is a story I'm working on for my character Mr. G. For now, it's just a simple story, but maybe sometime later I'll turn it into a book. But anyway, enjoy, and stay tuned for more if you like it so far.

Mr. G in: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Chapter One

    “My parents are coming to dinner tonight, dear” Mrs. G said. She looked a bit reluctant, as though she had something else she wanted to say about it.

    “I see.” Mr. G was busy concentrating on his seventh ship in a bottle. The mast was almost up, and the sails ready to bloom.

    Mrs. G stood in the doorway, wringing her hands. She suddenly broke the long, awkward silence.

    “I have some news,” she continued. Mr. G barely heard what she said. “A bit of a snag, but not terrible.”

    “Snag?” as he peered his eye through the magnifying glass mounted on his head, with his back still turned to her. “Nope, it’s not snagged, I think I got it.”

    “No–” Mrs. G walked into the room and stood beside him. “Not the boat, love. I’m talking about my parents coming.” She turned his chin to face up at her. His giant eye blinked at her through the magnifying glass.


    “Yes, my parents are coming to dinner.”          


    “Tonight,” she spoke slow and clear to make sure he heard her.

    “Really,” Mr. G said in surprise. “Well, alright. That’s great, dear!” smiling, and turning his head back to his project. Mrs. G stopped his head with her hand and redirected it back her way.

    “Yes, it’s great. But there’s that snag I was telling you about.” Mr. G took the magnifying glass off his head and set the apparatus on the desk.

    “Ok, and what is this snag?”

    “Well, my mother’s recently gone vegan after my parent’s last trip to India, and my father has gotten onboard with it.”

    Mr. G peered at her for a moment. “So, your parents are vegans, is that what the ‘snag’ was?”

    Mrs. G nodded.

    “Well, dear, that’s not so bad,” as he rubbed her shoulder. “You can whip something up for dinner that’s vegan. Remember that vegan number you tried last month from the newsletter we got in the mail? That was delicious!”  

    “Yes, making vegan food is the easy part, love. But my concern is that nothing in this house is vegan!” She started to pace around the room.

    “So, we’ll get some vegan items. Not a problem!” Mr. G knew Mrs. G was getting into one of her worrying bouts.

    “My mother is going to analyze everything she lays her eyes on in the house. That means no milk in the fridge, we need new clothes, your snacks in the cupboard have to go–”

    Mr. G stood up sharply. “My snacks?” The ship mast in the bottle fell into the model, collapsing the whole thing as Mr. G’s hip knocked his desk when he stood up. “Why do my snacks have to go?”

    “Because you know my mother is going to want to help in the kitchen, and she’s going to see your pork-rind stash!”

    Mr. G fell back in his chair with a deflated and audible sigh. “Well, one night without my snacks isn’t that bad, I suppose.” Mrs. G winced a bit.

    “That’s the other part of the snag–” as she turned toward Mr. G. He looked up at her from his chair. “They’re going to be here for two weeks.”

    Mr. G’s eyebrows raised and eyes widened. He said nothing, staring at Mrs. G. His bottom lip began to pout and tremble.

    “Are you okay, dear?” Mrs. G approached him worried that he might be in shock. “Honey, breathe!”

    “I’m alright. I just need a second.”     

    “Okay, well while you’re recovering, I need you to go to the store and pick up a few things.” She handed him a multipage list of food items.

    Mr. G examined the list, looking at his wife, and looking back at the list.

    “I think I’m going to need a little help with a few of the things on here, love.”

    “Yes, I’m sure. That’s what the trip to the bookstore is for,” she said, smiling.


To be continued...

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  1. Support
    I absolutely love this! Your post is so different from some of the things we usually see on here. I cannot wait to see what you will be posting next! This is awesome. Thanks so much, Garrett!
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    1. MrGarrettS
      Hi Flaming Vegan! Thank you very much! I'm going to be posting more like this, since it seems to be so well received. I've been thinking of how I could contribute to the community, and hopefully this gets the job done.
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  2. Vegansuperwoman
    Loved the first chapter, i think. Being a vegan mother of a meat eater :-( I can relate, sort of. When i am in my daughters home i do not criticize her. After all it is her home. But it does make me sad for all the animals who needlessly die for her choices. Looking forward to the next chapter to see how this visit plays out. Please research the savagery of Dairy and other animal products. You will be horrified at what you are supporting and i am sure you will no longer support that savagery.
    Log in to reply.
    1. MrGarrettS
      Hi there Vegansuperwoman! Thank you for reading and commenting! Indeed, I can see how it would be difficult for someone who follows the vegan lifestyle to be around those who don't. I support the vegan lifestyle because those who live outside the main stream and who follow divergent paths, are exactly what the human race needs. Were it not for people attempting to find alternative ways of living, there would be no one discovering how to bring good tasting substitutes for the foods and things that the average person uses. Indeed, the atrocities that plague animals as well as humans are many—far more than the majority of people realize. Fighting the good fight has multiple manifestations.
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