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Moroccan Stewed Tomatoes with Nutty Spiced Couscous
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Moroccan Stewed Tomatoes with Nutty Spiced Couscous

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes


This is one of those recipes that comes together when there are a few odds and ends in the kitchen.  These cooking experiments often result in interesting and unlikely flavour combinations, such as this one, where apples and tomatoes suddenly became friends. 

My garden is overflowing with tomatoes, and my fridge is bursting with apples.  What to do? How can I combine the two?  Aha! Moroccan dishes often combine savoury and sweet together, so why not give this unlikely pairing a try!

Tomato Stew

6-10 Ripe tomatoes, diced

1 onion, diced

1 carrot, chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped

handful of parsley

handful of fresh cilantro

1/8 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp coriander (crushed)

salt (to taste)

drizzle of olive oil


1 cup couscous

2 cups boiled water

½ tsp ground cardamom

½ tsp ground cinnamon

3 apples, peeled and diced

garnish – toasted nuts (walnut, pine nut etc.) 



In a large pot, drizzle the oil, and add the stew ingredients.  Let simmer and reduce into a thick sauce over medium heat. 


In a large bowl add couscous and spices.  Submerge in boiled water until the liquid has absorbed.  

Fluff with a fork and once cooled, add the apples. 

Serve the tomato stew over couscous with a garnish of toasted nuts.





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  1. Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia
    This looks really good.
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