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More Reasons Why Meat is Bad for Us
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More Reasons Why Meat is Bad for Us

As though we needed more justifications that prove meat is bad for us, here are a few more.

Meat is not only cancer-causing, heart-damaging, environment-thrashing, animal-abusing, and socially unjust, it’s also highly addictive. It has far more chemicals than eating a plant-based diet.

When starting the transition to become vegetarian or vegan, one can start feeling as though they are suffering from withdrawal, as though they were stopping highly addictive drugs. It is very easy to mistake this for a lack of nutrients, or a negative reaction on the behalf of your system. However, for those who know that eating veg is safe and actually better than a regular, omnivorous diet, the question still lingers: what is it exactly that makes us feel as though we are fighting against a narcotics or alcohol addiction?

The truth is, meat is packed with toxins. Although they are not considered a drug per se, they still give us the same stimulating effect, thus creating a dependence on the substance. Do you remember the movie Supersize Me, where Morgan Spulock, the man who chose to eat strictly at McDonald’s for a month to prove how bad it is, claimed that he became sorely depressed after a few weeks whenever he went without his McDee’s for too long? Well, this feeling of addiction is not only attributable to the fast food chain. It’s in everyone’s meat and animal by-products. Remember: he was vegetarian (or was he vegan?) when he decided to make the movie, so he had been ‘clean’ of these toxins for quite some time, and attributed his feeling of addiction to that one particular restaurant and not animal products in general.

Now, before you start saying that non-organic plants surely contain a large number of toxins as well, review this video of Dr. Greger, vegan researcher and speaker, detailing why meat and dairy toxins far outweigh those of any form of plants, including rice. The logic is simple: when you consider that the animals are fed toxins, given toxic antibiotics, and live in toxic spaces, they are exposed to a far larger quantity than any plant. Furthermore, since plants are easier to digest, our bodies eliminate any harmful substances from our system more quickly and store a much smaller quantity of toxins in our fat cells than for those who eat meat and animal by-products.

Furthermore, when making the change to a vegan or even vegetarian diet, what we are feeling are withdrawal symptoms. It gives us the feeling of going through a permanent hangover for at least a few days.

This helps me understand why my transition to vegetarianism, then veganism, was surely far easier than for many other people. I started by making the switch to organic food first. I eliminated the large doses of toxins before slowly abandoning all animal products.



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  1. SnakeWitch
    By the way, I've seen Dr. Greger speak in person. And yes, he bounces like that for the full two hours of his conferences. He's so lively and energetic, I'm sure he's converted people to veganism with just that!!!
    1. SnakeWitch
      And for the record, he's the one who found that garlic is the best cancer remedy and prevention on the planet.
      1. No Name
        I am so happy to hear this. I love fresh garlic and cook with it everyday here. I could not live without my garlic. I have to have this in my foods excluding breakfast and such things like cookies or cakes. You might think I am strange if I add this to all my cooking. I think you understand what I mean on this one. This is great information. voted
        1. SnakeWitch
          I have to say that I don't put garlic in everything, but I use it a lot, too. It just smells so good when cooking, too!
          1. No Name
            Please check out my new post I am sure you will have no problem to make this one and considering now you are living in Columbia this one should be good to make there. Celery Coconut Curry Cream Rice with Pecans and Raisins
  2. Theophile
    My family never ate a lot of meat when I grew up. The meat is imported from France and NZ to the islands here. I think that we even have imported meat out of the US. Growing up and being Tahitian we ate a lot of fish. Fishing here when I was small was one of the pleasures we had. It was also such fun to get a fish on the end of your line and fight with it to bring it into your canoe. I know you all think we are bad for eating fish. I do believe that fish is a lot better for you than meat. I love the Vegan cooking my Aunt does but to tell you the truth I still have to have my fish. Please do not think badly of me on this one and in the last year I have stopped eating fish so much. I do not have time to fish now and eat mostly the food that I grow here on our land. But now and then I love to eat fish and I still can not go completely Vegan doing this one. One day I am sure I will give up my fish. Thank you for the information. Voted
    1. SnakeWitch
      What matters is to take your time. No one is forcing you, but if you wish to become vegan, you know you will find lots of encouragement here.
  3. Terry McGee
    Very nice information. I have never been a meat eater even growing up we never ate meat. But this is good to know. Voted.
    1. SnakeWitch
      It's just another reason to add to those we already have!
  4. kristo
    voted! I never knew that some people had withdrawal from going off meat! it makes sense though since it is so much part of most people's diet and it's so gross to think about your body wanting more animal flesh. ahhh!
    1. SnakeWitch
      Tell me about it! That's probably why we become 'hooked' when we're still just babies. By the way, how long have you been vegan? I don't think you've ever posted about that.
  5. JustVegan
    Its a great reasoning you give that these animals are fed toxins they are toxic. Voted for your post. Do come and take a look at my new post on coconut macaroons and vote if you like.
  6. Veganara
    Voted. Excellent article, as ever. You know, this explains why a lot of people say "I tried going vegetarian but it made me ill, I had no energy," etc, etc. It was probably the toxins coming out of their system, if they had persevered they should have started feeling a lot better! This is also a sound riposte to those who claim that humans are meant to eat meat because animals eat it in the wild. Yeah right - lions keep zebras in factory farms, do they? And pump them full of drugs, hormones, etc, and do all kind of weird and unnatural things to the meat! I am so glad I gave up meat about 20 years ago, you never know what the hell you are eating if you eat it now (as the current UK horse-meat scandal demonstrates!)
    1. Anita Vegana
      I agree
  7. Akanksha
    Loved this post Annie and I totally agree! It is not only addictive, we also face the peer-pressure to eat it. How many times people comment and make faces at us "Oh you are vegetarian!". I shamefully admit that even I have done it sometime in my life. I had the idea that vegetarians don't know how to enjoy life! And now I realize that its just the opposite.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Yeah, I used to say the same thing to vegetarians a long time ago. The important thing is we no longer do it!
  8. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Very convincing facts these are, thanks for presenting them to us...I feel so proud and lucky to have left this such a decaying thing. Nice blog, voted!
    1. SnakeWitch
      I'm glad you managed to take that step too!
  9. lorraine
    Voted. Great article and many thanks for the video link too.
    1. SnakeWitch
      You're welcome! Thanks for the vote!
  10. purple
    This totally explains how I feel at the moment ! me and my husband stopped eating meat and fish a week ago and we are really enjoying experimenting with all different types of veggie cooking! the feeling we are getting from knowing that no beautiful animal has been killed for what is on our plate is amazing! The only thing is, that I have had a headache for 2 days ( same as I had when I tried to give up smoking ) and we have been arguing all weekend ! both of us being irritable and having mood swings! ( not like us at all ) I thought it may be the hormones they pump into the meat so I have been looking all morning for a reason. does anyone know how long this may last ?
  11. Julian Leitch
    Meat is as the some limitation of the eating is good but some time for the more eating over than the limits will be bad of us. Justifications on the packed meats from the website of the food authorities have to declare the bad for the human health.


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