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More Beyoncé Drama: She's Not Really Vegan!
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More Beyoncé Drama: She's Not Really Vegan!

After the dismal announcement Beyoncé recently made, reminding fans that she is vegan as though it were news, it turns out the biggest and most dramatic news is actually that she’s not completely vegan. The star claims to eat meat sometimes, even though she has been promoting her 22 Days Nutrition program which is free of animal-derived ingredients. There was an extended piece of the video announcement she recently made on Good Morning America that has been unveiled: Beyoncé claims that she still eats meat but that she tries to make better choices with her diet.  I don’t think we should shame Beyoncé for being a flexitarian, but let’s be honest: we’re a bit disappointed in her! I mean, what about her vegan program?

  • Is this 22 Days of 'Sorta Being Vegan'? 

It turns out the truth is a little fuzzy when it comes to her program. It’s supposed to be a vegan diet but Marcos Borges, the trainer who co-created the program with the star, has contradicted himself when it comes to describing the diet. He said that they used to call the diet vegan but people saw it as something too difficult to achieve, so they focused rather on allowing people to adjust the diet according to what they are comfortable with doing. The diet, however, bans all gluten, dairy and eggs. Misleading, much?

  • Putting Down Veganism ’Cause it’s 'Hard' 

It would have been better to promote the vegan diet 100% and show that it is not as difficult as people imagine! Rather, that it can be healthy, positive, and inspiring. Putting the diet out there as vegan and then changing it gives the diet a negative, difficult reputation. Coupled with Beyoncé constantly backtracking on her own vegan ways, the result is a big contradictory mess that smells like the star doesn't believe in her own vegan program.


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  1. Support
    This story just gets more and more interesting! Thanks for posting, Giulia!
  2. cordelia josie
    It is true that becoming vegan doesn't 'usually' happen overnight. It is a process. The body needs to adjust and a graadual movement in that direction can be best. However, the goal does need to be to become vegan in a short time. Otherwise it is 'again' all about me, me, me - and not at all about the tortured, abused, and commodified animals. This can't be - anymore. People need to begin to move in that direction. I F people do it only for their health, appearance, or some other reason - it is really not veganism at all (and most likely won't last) because veganism is about taking a moral and ethical place against cruelty. Veganism is ahimsa - no harm to any creature. Veganism is about finding ones heart. Once we connect with our beating heart - we can no longer cause suffering - let alone 3X's per day and repeating it daily. Veganism is cruelty free and loving animals and demonstrating that on our plate every day,
  3. jbdean
    First, how can someone call it "their" diet if users can modify it as they like? When your doctor hands you a diet, you're not supposed to add butter, sugar, candy, etc to it so it's "easier" for you to follow. That's why celebrity diets are bogus.
  4. LegacyOfPythagoras
    This is a perfect example of why it's bad to idolize "celebrities" for claiming that they're Vegan. Note: almost every celeb who says they're Vegan are not. Ellen is not. Bill Clinton is not. Beyonce and most others, not. Why is this? It's because Veganism is NOT a diet. That is also why promoting Veganism as a diet hurts nonhumans. Veganism is a MORAL stance against using nonhumans for human interests. Heath and environmental concerns aren't Veganism. They are merely side-benefits of a moral stance against harm. If we're going to educate the world on a consistent code of morality in order to eliminate the massive harm we are currently engaged in against nonhumans (and humans) the only way to do that is to exclusively educate everyone we can on why Veganism is nothing except the moral baseline: The info on plants-only diets and environmental issues related to non-harm should be used only to back up our claim that Veganism is not harmful, not as the basis for the principles of Veganism itself.


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