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Mood-Enhancing Apple-Pear Nectar (with Ginger and Lime)
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Mood-Enhancing Apple-Pear Nectar (with Ginger and Lime)

This is what I did with a beautiful gift basket of bosc pears I received from a lovely couple of friends.  These pears changed my life, and in gratitude I offer this recipe!  

There is something truly magical about this nectar...

The fruits are nourishing and full of fiber, the ginger is cleansing and enlivening, the lime refreshing and alkalizing...  This combination will give you an instant mood lift as well as a warm calm within.  It's the perfect "afternoon snack" or addition to your smoothie routine or cleansing ritual. 

I quite literally feel like a goddess when I drink this blend!  From the inside out this beverage makes me feel beautiful and calm, and it curbs my hunger for many hours.  On top of the health and wellness benefits, it tastes delicious!  You will love the cool and creamy texture...

This elixir achieves a harmonious balance of tart-sweet-cool-heat, that will please all the senses while it nourishes your body whole! :)


Mood-Enhancing Apple-Pear Nectar (with Ginger and Lime)

2 large organic Bosc Pears

1 large organic Fuji Apple

1/2 medium Lime, including peel

1 generous inch of fresh Ginger Root


*You will need a juice extractor to make this recipe.

Slice fruit so it will fit easily through juicer shoot.  Feed all fruit, ginger and lime through juicer. 

Using a mesh strainer over a container, strain juice to remove the bulk of the foam and fiber the pears create.  Use a spoon to help stir the juice through the strainer.  It is fine and desirable for there to be some pulpiness remaining in your strained nectar.  The trick is to strain enough of the pulp so it drinks smoothly and tastes more like juice than a smoothie.   

Pour nectar into glasses over ice and enjoy while cool and fresh.  It really makes you feel great inside! 


A few more fun ideas:

*Don't discard the pulp you strain!  Save this wonderful fiber-rich stuff by popping into your next smoothie or soup. 

*A great way to save the remaining pulp (should yield about four tablespoons) is to pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Voila, immediate access when you are ready to blend up a smoothie. 

*Try the pulp blended with fresh pineapple or frozen raspberries to enjoy as a smoothie.  Or, gently heat this mixture over the stove with 1/2 to 1 tbsp of sweetener and then use it as a dessert sauce over vegan frozen yogurt or ice cream.


Thank you for voting for Buddhas Delight!  Ahhh, like a vacation in a glass... :)

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  1. Akanksha
    wow..I love all of those...Apple, Pear, lime and ginger! I am looking forward to raw diet these days so thanks for sharing :-)
  2. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Wow...I love Pears....never knew they enhance will have as much of them to stay in high spirits all the time! ;) Voted #3 Also please check mine on Vegan Milk.......and vote if you liked it! :)
  3. Carolyn
    Vote #4! I do not have a juice extractor....maybe I will get one for Christmas!
  4. Roopam
    I love reading your posts...they seem to be written from the heart...liked your desert sauce idea...yummm...voted!
    1. BuddhasDelight
      ah, that's so nice to hear actually, because that is certainly my intent, to come from the heart! :) cheers roopam and definitely try the dessert sauce; my neighbors are mad for it!
  5. Veganara
    Voted. Mmmm, it sounds delicious, and I gather that pears have many health benefits (I wrote a blog recently where I mentioned them!) I don't have a juice extractor, but I must get one! Check out my latest recipe for Creamy Asparagus Risotto.
    1. BuddhasDelight
      thanks veganara, and definitely get a juicer, you will love it. fresh juicing has changed my life! :)))
  6. kristo
    This sounds great, voted! adding ginger to juice ads an amazing kick :)
    1. BuddhasDelight
      it sure does! i, for one, enjoy the bit of heat and find it to be energizing while also soothing to the stomach. :) ginger is one of my favorite items on earth!
  7. JustVegan
    that sounds super. voted.
  8. Zack
    I feel more positive just reading about this! thanks for sharing- voted =)
  9. SnakeWitch
    I love how you add t6he ideas of what to do with the pulp. Alternatively, one who wants to drink it as a smoothie may very well do so also. I don't have a juicer so that will be my way of doing it. And to answer your question in my soy post - which I realise I forgot to answer - organic certified food is very hard to come by here. However, quite a lot is pesticide free if you know where to shop because there are several small local farmers that can't afford either gmo seeds or chemicals. It's all done manually. Cheers, and thianks for this beautifl recipe! I voted!
    1. BuddhasDelight
      thanks so much snakewitch. that is great to hear about getting local goods that are well, good! i am going to be spending a lot more time at local farmers markets in the years to come, for just such reasons. blessings and thanks for the vote! :)


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