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Minority within a Minority within a Minority
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Minority within a Minority within a Minority

I'm a minority. I'm a college educated Black American male with study abroad experience in multiple Asian countries. I speak Chinese fluently and have been a visiting scholar in American Embassies abroad. I love food and I espcially love GOOD FOOD. Living in the South where its customary to eat unhealthy foods and relish in dishes that are over saturated in meat is very problematic. I want to eat good food but the lack of great stores such as Whole Foods and local farmers markets makes it extremely hard to eat healthy and become a full-fledged vegetarian. Currently I play volleyball, teach English, and work at an animal clinic. I dont really have the time or funds to eat vegetarian. I only meat because its pleniful at the school and doesnt cost me anything extra. Usually I try salads and wraps but that only goes so far when your talking about a cafeteria meal.

I'm an atheist. I realized I wasnt a theist at a very young age. out of respect for my family I choose not to reveal my beliefs. Only within my close social circles do I speak up about who I really am. Its tough speaking to believers who have so many laws they abide by regarding their health. I dont really buy into most of them and believe that moderance in any food is the best course of action.

I'm V-curious. I really want to be a vegetarian one day after college. Currently finances dont allow me to afford great vegetables and meat substitutes. But when I graduate and finally go back to Asia I believe it will be much easier to pursue a Vegetarian lifestyle like a few of my personal role models-Andre 3000, Bob Marley, Dr. Dre, Seal, and Forrest Whittaker. If these individuals can do it so can I!


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  1. Carolyn
    Occams Razor, sounds like you are person that speaks his mind. Good for you! God does not force Christian beliefs on anyone...."for whosoever will." I am a Christian and voted for your article because I want to encourage this hard-working and intelligent young person!
  2. Veganara
    Voted. You have a very interesting bio Occams Razor! Did you do your degree in Chinese, is that how you speak it fluently? I am sure you will succeed in becoming vegetarian one day, you sound very determined and focussed. On the subject of African American role models, I believe Martin Luther King Jr was also vegan! (Don't know about Luther King Sr though!) If you have time, do check out my two latest recipes, Hot/Cold Quinoa and Raw Vegan Chocolate Shake, and if you like them, please vote!


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