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Middle Eastern and Mexican Mashup: Tex Mex Hummus Dip
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Middle Eastern and Mexican Mashup: Tex Mex Hummus Dip

When you love hummus but are craving Mexican, only this Middle Eastern and Mexican mashup will do! Tex Mex Hummus Dip fits the bill for both categories. It’s creamy, savory, and it literally takes about 3 minutes to make!

It’s made from ingredients that I always keep on hand. This way, when my non-vegan and non-vegetarian friends stop over without notice (which happens almost every Sunday), I can serve them something that we and all agree upon!

As a new vegan, I am trying out different new recipes that are within my guidelines. It’s been fun experimenting as I make lifestyle adjustments. Hopefully, dishes this flavorful will help me make the big switch-over to vegan once and for all! Although I admit, it's hard work!

This is one of those recipes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


1 - 15.5 oz black eyed peas (because that’s what I keep on hand)

1 - clove of fresh garlic

¼ small yellow onion

1 tsp of cumin

2 tsp chili powder

Handful of fresh cilantro, or 2 tsp dried cilantro

¼ of a lime

2 Tbl olive oil

  1. Get out the blender. Because I was already messing up the blender, I made a Vegan Pina Colada to sip while I eat hummus. I found the recipe right here on The Flaming Vegan. Now, you can clean out the blender and get down to the work of making the Tex Mex Hummus.  Aaahh. Distractions.
  2. Drain the black-eyed peas, reserving about 2 Tbl of the liquid. Pour the black-eyed peas and the 2 Tbl of bean liquid into the blender.
  3. Drop the garlic, yellow onion, cumin, chili powder and cilantro into the blender.  Squeeze the lime wedge into the liquid. Give it a good blend.
  4. Stream in the olive oil to smooth it out and bind everything together. If your blender doesn’t have a top that allows you to stream, stop blending for a second to add it.
  5. Check the Tex Mex Hummus and adjust the seasoning to your liking. You may want to add salt, but the black eyed peas from a can are fairly salty anyways. Your call.


I like a smooth hummus myself. However, we were talking about additions that could give this dish a little variety:

  • After mixing together the ingredients, fold in some sweet corn
  • Fold in tomato salsa
  • Blend in some avocado to make it a guacamole/hummus blend
  • Swirl in some vegan sour cream to give tang and make a pretty ribbon through the hummus

Also, you may have noticed that I used a blender, not a food processor. There was a valid reason for this. Even with a step stool in my kitchen, I couldn’t reach my food processor. Plus, the blender gave me a very good reason to make the pina coladas. Feel free to use your food processor if you prefer.

Keeping a few tricks up my sleeves (or the armholes of my tank top as it’s still in the high 80s here in NC) has definitely helped me still have fun with my guests while keeping on track as a new vegan.

AUTHOR BIO: Deborah Tayloe is the editor of DIY Home & Garden. She is a self-proclaimed DIY warrior who loves upcycling projects, gardening, and cooking. She is in the process of making healthier food choices. Deborah lives in North Carolina with her husband and an energetic Toy Fox Terrier.

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