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I love animals. I respect their desire to live the fullest lives possible. Hell, all they want to do is just the same as we-raise kids to be the best they can be, and get on with their lives. Albeit their lives continue to have off-spring well into their old age. 

I live in a wonderful old house. It is small, we rent, but it serves our purposes until we can purchase a home of our own. We also have five dogs, and feed birds. Through summer and winter, we have bird seed outside for our feathered friends. 

For the last year, we have a mouse in the house. And more than one. Yesterday, one of them went into the live trap I set up on my kitchen counter. That made two. Several months ago, I set one free a quarter mile away on a rock wall beside a creek. You cannot tell me he made his way home, I'm not that gullible. 

This morning, one brazenly ran the back of my counter top to scramble down behind my stove. This is number three. Sad for me, I tell you what!

I've put most all of my food into glass storage jars. My fruits and vegetables are in the fridge. WHAT DO YOU WANT, MOUSE! I'VE GIVEN YOU NO COOKIE, AND I WON'T HURT YOU IF YOU LEAVE! Just go, and take your relatives with you!

Hanta virus is making a reappearance in some of the parks in the US. Yosemite just had two people, (I think it was two) who stayed in cabins in the park, where deer mice droppings were found, and they died. People mistake Hanta for flu, which is a terrible mistake. It is much, much, worse. Hanta virus is carried by deer mice, and we all know mice get into homes. 

The next step for me is to buy stock in Clorox Bleach. It is my best option, now, because I know this will go on for awhile!

I have bleached all my counter tops since I first discovered the droppings, with a tinge of fear. But with the bleach, it gave me a bit of security. I'm not sure it is a false security, though. This morning, I put steel wool into the place I just saw another mouse go, down behind my kitchen stove. 

This old house has a number of holes in the floor, that have nothing coming in or out of them. They must have had in the past, but now, they are just big, wide, welcome to my house holes for the mice to come and go as they please. So. 

Steel wool will hurt their mouths if they try to chew, so they won't. I've got the live trap set up to catch another. (so disgusting cleaning it afterward...) I know how it works. I am catching the newest arrivals, or the offspring, or the parents of the newest brood. I am not getting rid of my mice this way, I'm told, I need to poison them, people say. But I will not kill something that is only trying to eat a few crumbs I drop. But I will get him out of my house, and try my damnedest to make my house unnappealing. I really hate mice. Not quite as much as spiders, though. That is a whole other ball of phobic wax!

Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. HealthyMom
    Hello Debra! Do some research on using 3% hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with 5% vinegar (store-bought, full concentration) to sanitize your counters instead of using bleach. The chemicals will burn your lungs, weakening them and leaving them susceptible to disease. I do hope you are able to rid your home of mice before the cold winter hits! Have a beautiful day!
    1. Katapoet
      Hey, thanks for the tip! I'll look it up.
  2. Veganara
    Voted. I loved this blog, heartfelt and fascinating! I am sure I couldn't poison mice either if I had them in the house, but I would hate to have them. Here is another tip: have you considered getting a cat???! If you do, the mice will probably leave straightaway anyway, as they will smell the cat and be scared off. As far as I know, people with pet cats don't have problems with mice infestations! Hope you can get rid of them anyway. Btw, you might be interested in my latest blog, and if you like it, please vote!
    1. Katapoet
      I've thought about a cat, but with five dogs, that is impossible. We rescue dogs into our forever home. These dogs, even on walks, often don't notice deer walking across the street in front of them until I point it out. Our dream is to buy a house with some property soon, and rescue horses and cows, whatever comes our way. Except cats. It will take us time to train three of the dogs to leave livestock alone, as two of them were around horses, the other three have never been, and that will take time. But at least in a new home, we'll be able to get down and block entry as much as we can see, to any mice, before we move in. We didn't do that with this rental, it was kind of a hurry up and get in kind of thing. Next time.
      1. SnakeWitch
        Not that I'm trying to change your mind, but if you have a large Tomcat, one of those males that actually only want to play with you but leave you with scratches all the way up to the elbows - so that means, of course, that they still have all their claws - trust me, no dog can scare them off. I've had one of those; he was a 20lb, zero-fat black cat, and after just a couple of attempts at dominating him, my roommates' dog learned to leave him alone. And he was a mastodonte. Those little toughies know how to get others to respect them. As for the mice, well... I've had that problem but never did anything about it. Even after seeing the droppings. And I'm still alive. Maybe they aren't all bad? Voted! If you want, check out my latest piece, Easy Steps for Home Made Facial Masks, and vote if you wish!
  3. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Those mice are sneaky little critters! Good luck with your endeavors. Voted. Check out my romesco sauce post!
  4. Anita Vegana
    I voted! This is a beautiful post! Please read my article, Vegan Month is November, and vote too!
  5. tvmuse
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