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Melbourne’s Food Hub The Alley Takes Vegan Food to New Heights
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Melbourne’s Food Hub The Alley Takes Vegan Food to New Heights

A café with a twist is probably the best way to describe this vegan café that is located in Melbourne.  With a line-up of food to take away as well as food to order and eat hot out of the pot, The Alley is the new, raving thing in town and this food hub is all set to take the love for vegan food to all new heights.

The Woman Behind the Counter

Sitting behind the counter of this amazing place is the beautiful and efficient Alexandra Pyke. Neither a chef by profession nor a waiter, Pyke did not have a profession that was even remotely related to the food industry. Having initially started out as a lawyer, Pyke now plays the role of a hospitality entrepreneur for her new enterprise.

As a lawyer, Pyke was closely involved with veg-focussed joints like The Butcher’s Daughter and The Fat Radish, both of which are located in New York City. It was after doing this for 8 years that Pyke decided to venture into the food line and started her own plant-based café, called The Alley.

What Can You Expect at The Alley?

With a seating arrangement for 35, this place is seen as a multi-purpose food hub. Although it is designed to suit the style of a café, those who are on-the-go are welcome to grab some fast food and head out as quickly as they came in. 

After choosing just what it is you want to tempt your palate with, you just have to wait for a little while and the sound of a buzzer will tell you when your food is ready to be grabbed. Erin Shaw, the main chef here, cooks everything on site so you are always assured of receiving fresh food.

What’s On the Menu?

With a vegan menu that took 12 months to develop, customers here have no trouble trying to get their hands on their favourite burgers which include, brioche buns that are packed with beet steak or sometimes mushroom, along with a side of crispy fries.

Ingredients like adzuki bean patties, sweet potatoes and maple bacon that is made up of a coconut concoction, are all part of the finishing touches that make their dishes a pleasure to eat. Some of the other specialties that have garnered a name for this Melbourne food hub and taken vegan food to new heights include mac ‘n’ cheese with a creamy sauce to complement it, spaghetti decked with mushrooms which is a favourite of gluten-intolerant customers, and the must-mention tempeh meatballs with cashew ricotta.

Cold-pressed fruit juices along with a wide variety of salads top up the mouth-watering menu that The Alley has to offer. All set to open on March 20, The Alley will be located at the bottom of the St Kilda Road office building.

All you have to do is take a look at the variety of plant-based or vegan options that are lined up on the counter, and you will get a glimpse of how this Melbourne food hub is taking vegan food to all new heights.


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