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McDonald’s Brings Kale to the Menu?
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McDonald’s Brings Kale to the Menu?

It an attempt to improve their performance and attract customers, McDonald’s has been adding kale to their breakfast bowls. But is it a move to greater vegan options on their menu?

  • Vegan? Errr, No

We can’t help but be quite sceptical about greater vegan options on the hamburger chain’s menu. Earlier this year, McDonald’s had quite an anti-veganism advert for their burgers. It stated, 'All vegetarians, foodies and gastronauts kindly avert your eyes. You can’t get juiciness like this from soy or quinoa.' It also then displayed the lettuce on their burger, with the voice-over adding, 'Nor will that ever be kale.' But now McDonald’s has decided to test kale on their breakfast bowl meals in nine of their California chains. Sadly, these options are not vegan. One of their bowls will contain egg whites, kale, spinach, and turkey sausage. The other will have egg and chorizo.

  • Veggie Burger Drama 

While other fast-food chains are bringing veggie burgers to their menus, McDonald’s is hesitant in spite of customers signing petitions asking for it. It could be because the experiment left them with negative results back in the early 2000s. McDonald’s had brought veggie burgers out as a test during that time and they didn’t sell much. Of course, veganism is a much greater movement in this decade, with more people wanting vegan options. However, interestingly, a mere few years ago McDonald’s performance reports revealed that only up to 3 per cent of their sales go to salads. But, their McVeggie burgers are available for sale in other countries, such as India, Greece, Dubai and South Africa.

  • Vegan Options

The issue isn't really about the non-availability of vegan burgers, but the few options available for vegan customers. The arrival of kale on the menu inspired hope that there would be vegan breakfast bowls or other meals, but this is not the case. Currently, vegans can eat things like salads, with interesting toppings like tortilla strips, and fried chips (although sometimes these are not even vegan, so tread carefully!). 



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