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Man Kills Beloved Albino Deer and Flaunts it on Facebook
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Man Kills Beloved Albino Deer and Flaunts it on Facebook

It’s become a shocking, disgusting trend. People kill animals in the wild and then flaunt pictures of themselves posing with them on social media.

Recently, a nineteen-year-old from Texas got her Facebook page banned because she used it to display pictures of dead animals in the wild that she had killed. On her page, Kendall Jones was seen holding up a dead cheetah and posing next to a dead lion, among other kills.

Now, a man from Missouri has killed an albino deer that had been loved by its community in Cape Girardeau and took to Facebook to show the world. The man, Jerry Kinnaman, has made the killing appear to be not such a big deal as the deer was very thin and close to reaching the end of its lifespan. 

But does that make the killing okay?

On his Facebook page, Kinnaman can be seen posing with the albino deer that he killed, holding its horns as he props the deer in front of the camera. He wrote a few posts that display his pride at having killed the animal. Some people commented on the posts, congratulating Kinnaman for his kill.

After news spread about the killing, Kinnaman soon found himself the target of anger. The albino deer was regularly spotted by people in the region who have since claimed that they miss seeing it around.

Kinnaman has since stated that he could see why people were upset about the killing of the animal, especially because as an albino deer it had a beautiful white color which people viewed as special. However, that didn’t stop him from killing the animal, nor does it seem to make it special in the eyes of the law.

Kinnaman appears not to have done anything wrong by killing the dear as the Missouri Department of Conservation claims that killing an albino deer is not illegal.


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons


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  1. kristo
    So sad. A lot of people don't know how negative an action hunting is. Thanks for sharing, voted!
    1. jdhartil
      You are so right!
  2. Giulia Simolo
    Giulia Simolo
    Thank you!


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