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Making Easter Special for Your Little Vegan
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Making Easter Special for Your Little Vegan

My children have been raised vegan since birth. However, certain times of the year I hear them complain about wanting certain sweets or goodies the other kids eat. So, when Easter comes around, I want them to feel special. Furthermore, I always go out of my way to plan an Easter egg hunt that is truly amazing.

Over the years, I have collected the plastic eggs left over at Easter so I can decorate them for my children. Instead of my kids hunting for the traditional hard boiled eggs, they hunt for surprises and eggs specially decorated for them. 

After being decorated (if applicable), I fill the plastic eggs with vegan treats and small surprises. Each little one then has a chance to trade in their wooden eggs for a giant plastic, decorated egg filled with vegan chocolates and homemade treats. 

This Easter, why not decorate some wooden and plastic eggs for your kiddos? Have a wonderful vegan Easter!

Ruffled Plastic Eggs: The ruffled eggs are festive and full of color. Children love finding the plastic decorated eggs filled with vegan treats. Furthermore, adding ruffles to your plastic eggs gives them an adorable new look. 

Spotted Wooden Easter Eggs: For this egg craft, I use wooden eggs. When Easter is over, the craft stores in my area always have sales. I normally buy one or two dozen wooden eggs for next year. Use the basic idea of decorating your eggs with dots, but instead of dying your eggs, paint them. After Easter is over, you can even use the eggs to decorate your home. 

Marbled Swirled Eggs: My children love to make marbled swirls on wooden eggs as well. This is a great craft for children of all ages and so much fun. The he marbled swirled eggs are beautiful and so colorful. Each year we choose a new combination of colors to use.

In the end, I remember the Easter egg hunts we had as children and I don’t want my children to miss out on the fun. A little creativity is all it takes to make Easter fun for your vegan family. 

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  1. Support
    What a perfectly timely post! Thanks for contributing to TFV!
    1. Awan Cheyanne
      Awan Cheyanne
      Thank you so much TFV Support.
  2. Shada
    How creative and also adorable.


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