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Make Your Own Vegan Baby Food
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Make Your Own Vegan Baby Food

Baby food can be a challenging topic for vegans. If you mention to anyone that you are going to be raising your baby vegan, you're going to get some protests. A friend of mine recently admitted to her family that her ten month old is vegan. They were horrified! How can you raise a baby without milk? Without eggs or yogurt or meat?

It's actually very simple. The first thing you need is a baby food mill.  I used one when my children were babies and they are head and shoulders better than a blender. You can grind anything in these things! You can find them at Sears sometimes or on Amazon.

A baby food mill is easy to use. You take out the grinder and put the food into the center column. Then you add the grinder back on, lock it and turn it to grind the food into a paste. This works even with fairly thick food, so it is easier than a blender in that regard.

What to Use for Your Baby Food

Now that we've looked at what to use to make baby food, let's look at some of the foods you can make.

To start off with, you can give your baby some simple, raw foods. Bananas and avocadoes are great first foods. So are carrots and sweet potatoes that have been cooked and pureed. 

Once your baby has moved beyond applesauce and avocadoes, it's time to get creative! You can use leftovers to create some unique meals or cook something especially for your little one.

With the baby food grinder, you can grind up anything that you are serving for yourself. Some people recommend avoiding spices, but quite frankly, if you ate spicy food while you were pregnant, your baby will probably be fine with it. The idea here is to give a wide range of flavors.

Some of the vegan combos that my friend's baby likes include:

- Spinach, brown rice and a little tomato sauce

- Lentils with spinach

- Black beans on toast fingers

- Raspberry or blackberry puree with bananas and coconut cream

- Squash and pear

- Canolli beans with carrots and spinach

- Brown rice with cauliflower and squash

- Mashed potatoes with broccoli and lentils

Of course, you can make any combination that you like. If you want a creamier texture and some extra calories, try adding coconut cream to any recipe you make. 

There is no reason a baby can't enjoy vegan food!

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  1. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    I voted for this! Very informative for someone who might be considering this for baby.
  2. Heather G
    Heather G
    My 11 month old is vegan for solids. We recently just started lentils. She also LOVES sweet potatoes. I had dairy allergies growing up so we are staying away from dairy for a while. Plus she is still nursing so I'm not too worried that she isn't getting what she needs from foods. :) Voted!


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