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Make Your Vacations Greener
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Make Your Vacations Greener

Part of being vegan is becoming more mindful about your impact on the earth. If your holiday is increasing your carbon footprint and putting pressure on the planet’s resources, then it needs to be greened up a bit..

  • Fly Eco:

There are ways in which you can cut down on the fuel required by planes. Yes, just by single-highhandedly doing your bit! This includes avoiding flights that have stopovers which can increase fuel usage (a large percentage of fuel is required for landing and taking off), and packing only what you need for your holiday since a heavier plane will require more fuel usage.

  • Be a Kind Traveler:

There are many things you can do during your holiday that are kind to the earth, such as not littering, walking or cycling around to explore the city instead of relying on public transport, and not taking anything with you as a holiday memento - that means leaving behind flowers, plants and the land exactly how you found them. 

  • Let Your Home Have a Holiday, Too:

Remember to switch off all your lights before you leave for your holiday. This also means lowering the temperature setting on your water heater and unplugging your appliances. Standby mode is not good enough, as this causes the appliances to continue using electricity even if they are off.

  • Buy Local Goods!:

Support local communities in the area where you are staying by buying local goods that are offered there. But remember to check that they are sustainable and organic, as well as that you will put good use to them back home. It doesn't do anyone any good to purchase items that will just end up wasted or thrown away. The point is to minimize wastage as much as you can.


 *Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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