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Make Delicious Vegan Flax Cookies in Your Dehydrator
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Make Delicious Vegan Flax Cookies in Your Dehydrator

If there is one thing that I love making in my dehydrator, it’s cookies. Yes! You read that right. And cookies are just too much fun to eat and it’s even better when these cookies are made from all-natural ingredients and rich in nutrients and fiber. And above all, these are vegan cookies.

Yes, that’s right! Making vegan flax cookies in your dehydrator is really easy and today I am going to share with you a simple recipe for making vegan flax cookies using just a dehydrator. These cookies are not only delicious to eat but these are really healthy too.

Usually, cooking or baking food leads to a loss in nutrients, but because we are using a dehydrator in this recipe, the loss of nutrients is minimal and the end results is a batch of healthy cookies that you can eat at any time of the day. Also, this recipe is really simple and you need just a few ingredients to make these cookies. While the cookies might not be as crunchy as the cookies that are baked in an oven, these are super-healthy because these are prepared in a dehydrator. Here are the ingredients you will need to make these cookies in your dehydrator.



2 apples

4 tbsp flax seeds

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 cup almonds (80 g)

1/2 cup dates (100 g)

4 cup oats (480 g)


Equipment Needed

Blender or a food processor






a)    Wash the apples thoroughly and chop them into small pieces. This makes the apples easier to blend. You can also peel the skin off the apples if you like.

b)    Add the apples, almonds, flax seeds, and dates in the blender or a food processor. Blend for a few seconds till everything is blended properly.

c)    Add two cups of oats to the mixture and blend it in. Once the mixture has a doughy consistency, add two more cups one by one and blend after every addition to mix everything properly.

d)    If the resulting dough is too dry, you can add some water. If the dough is too wet, add some more oats and blend.

e)    Make sure your hands are clean before picking up the dough. Roll the dough into the shape of small balls. Place each ball on a flat surface and press it with the flat of your palm or a spoon till it’s in a circular disc form.

f)     Place the discs on a dehydrator tray. Switch on the dehydrator to 113 degrees F for four hours. After four hours, turn all the cookies on the other side and dehydrate for another two hours. Once the cookies achieve a dry, slightly crunchy consistency, they’re done and you can take them all out to cool. You can dehydrate the cookies for some more time if you like your cookies extra crunchy.


Recipe Notes

To make the cookies taste extra delicious and crunchy, you can also add grated dry coconut to the mixture. You can enjoy these cookies with your morning coffee or your afternoon tea and they go well as a snack through the day. Just make sure you don’t eat too many of them. You can store the rest of the cookies in an airtight container to keep them free of moisture.


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