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Luscious Lobya
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Luscious Lobya

A kind of curry, or spicy bean stew, consisting of kidney beans and other vegetables with spices. This dish was taught me by my Afghani-Pakistani husband, it is a favourite of his, and has now become a favourite of mine too.(The name, Lobya, is the Arabic word for beans, I gather, and I believe this dish is also popular in Morocco). I think of it as a kind of Asian chilli con carne, without the meat! It is certainly hot, spicy, tasty and filling. Also easy to cook, and doesn't take that long, around half an hour or slightly more, and contains relatively few ingredients (and no expensive ones!) so it is also a quick and economical dinner. One of the reasons it is quite quick is that some of the ingredients are pre-prepared., eg the beans and the garlic and ginger sauce. If you can't get the sauce, you can use fresh garlic and root ginger instead; crush a couple of garlic cloves and finely chop the ginger, and add to the pot. The sauce I use is called is a special one called Sapna, available from Asian supermarkets, but no doubt there are similar sauces of different brands, which could also be used.


1 300ml can pre-cooked kidney beans

1 can chopped tomatoes, or 2-3 large tomatoes, chopped

1 large red onion (or you can use a white one)

3-4 fresh green chillis, finely sliced

Salt and white pepper, to taste

1-2 teaspoons of Sapna garlic and ginger sauce (available from Asian food shops)

Vegetable oil for frying, around 1-2 tbsps

Fresh chopped coriander (optional)

Serves 2


1) Dice/finely chop the onion and fry over a medium heat until soft.

2) Add the beans and cook for a few minutes

3) Add the tomatoes, chillis, ginger and garlic sauce, and seasoning, and simmer for about 10-15 minutes over a low heat.

4) If using coriander, add in the last few minutes of cooking.

. Serve with hot pitta bread or naan bread, or cooked rice, eg basmati.

(I for one never bother with rice, I just eat naan or pitta bread with it, which is filling enough, and mops up the sauce beautifully!)

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