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Love for Organic Products
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Love for Organic Products

It is not an easy job to take care of one’s lawn. Lawns require a lot of patience and hard work from their owners in order to stay healthy and fresh for a long period of time.

In order to ensure that your lawn is healthy, you need to use only the best products. While chemical products are more widely available, the interest in organic products is increasing at a very fast rate these days as well.

Advantages of Organic Lawn Care

No matter how difficult it may seem to switch from chemical to organic products for your lawn care, you can be sure that this decision will have very positive effects in the long term. Other than keeping your lawn green, organic products also help in keeping the environment cleaner. They do not harm the organisms that are living in your lawn’s soil, unlike pesticides and other chemical products.

More than half of the harmful chemicals in artificial pesticides, like nitrogen, can be washed away with water. This poses very serious threats to the environment, but can easily be avoided with the use of organic products. Organic lawn products also help in adding nutrients to the soil, leading to a balanced pH level and increased microbial activity.

Using organic products for your lawn care simply has a lot of advantages, not only for your lawn but also for the general environment. This is the reason why the interest in such products is fast increasing, as concluded by a study conducted by Packaged Facts.

Organic Product Sales Are Rising

The study has shown that the sales of organic lawn care products are increasing at a steady pace. Out of the nearly $6 billion that were spent last year on the purchase of garden supplies, $475 million were spent on organic products. In other words, organic product sales are increasing at a rate of 4.4% annually, which is a very encouraging number.

Young Adults Leading the Charge

The company, in its study, found out that most of the people who are responsible for this increase are young adults. While the reason could simply be a generally increased awareness among the masses about the harmful effects of chemicals, the fact that many of the people who belong to this age group were brought up at a time when the world was trying to minimize the use of such chemicals can also be an influential factor in their choice of organic products.

Although the interest in organic lawn care products is increasing at quite a fast pace, many people still find it hard to switch from chemical products to organic ones. One reason for this hesitance is cost, as organic products can seem a little more expensive than artificial ones at the start. But be sure, once you take this leap and actually start using organic products, your lawn will be much healthier in the long run. A healthy lawn will also save you money, thanks to lower maintenance costs and less frequent pest infestations. So if you’re still on the fence and can’t quite make the jump to using organic products for your lawn, you definitely should.

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