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Look For The Ecoboard Label
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Look For The Ecoboard Label

After moving to Southern California from the east coast, I enjoyed beach sports, mostly body surfing, as well as wearing surfer fashions in my teenage years. I even tried surfing in Honolulu, Hawaii. But I soon realized that many surfboards are made from polyurethane foam, fiberglass contents, and coated with polyester or epoxy, which tend to be toxic and consist of petroleum. Moreover, the manufacture of surfboards isn't energy efficient.

There are new surfboards that are made from recycled Styrofoam, organic hemp material, wood pulp and vegetable oil. Some new surfboard models might have bamboo, or "hollow balsa blanks "covered with hemp, cotton or alaias—sustainable wood made from koa or paulownia.

Check for the eco-friendly label—"Ecoboard," when seeking a good quality and energy efficient surfboard or boogie board.

To further reduce pollution, consider buying a hybrid car and adding a bike rack to carry your eco-friendly surfboard, bike or any large extras. Hybrid cars tend to have good gas mileage as well as emit less tailpipe exhausts into the air.

Here is a list of some surf shops and businesses that promote eco-friendly products:,,, and

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    Nice article! Although I had no idea what these boards are made of, I figured it had to be like the rest - processed crap, that is! A it's a good thing they have a certification, that will help surfers select their eco-friendly boards! Voted!


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