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Living Well and Feeling Good
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Living Well and Feeling Good

In today's world it often seems that to be happy you need to have millions of dollars. Some feel like having all this money will bring them peace and happiness. But when it comes down to it, you have to work harder and longer, in order to keep this so-called happiness pouring in.

Don't get me wrong, being able to pay your bills on time is a good thing. I look around at so many family members that are very well off, and it turns out,  they generally pend their days far apart from the people they love. Sons and daughters only see their parents when they need their next payout.

You can have want you need and be happy. Living a simple life can bring joy to your family. It's easy to make things complicated.  It's much harder to simplify. In today's world climate, how do you live simply? Keeping life simple doesn't mean you have to live poorly.  To live simply, all you need to do is identify where you can cut back to spend time with your family more. For example, if you are able to go from full time to a part time work load, this will give you more time to have a life and not be so drained when you finally arrive home. The stress money puts on us can lead to more hardship than just living by a budget while giving of yourself to the people who need you most.

When you are able to cut back on work, you can look at other ares of where your family can scale back. It may seem harsh, but cut down how much you give your kids every week week. At first, it may be a fight. But you can better show them the value of money buy saving and working hard for it. I always knew if I wanted some big shiny new toy or a bedroom set, or even a car, I was going to have to save or pick up a part time job to cover the cost.

You may believe taht giving a child every thing they want is one way to let them know you care, but it can also backfire. Your kids may very well begin see you as a ATM instead of as their parent. Through living simply, I have found a way to stay closer to my family, AND pay my bills on time. Cutting back to the basics to live can be tough. But if you plain out a weekly menu and create a budget, you can still work out important experiences for your family, like vacations.

If you able to live simple, give it a try. Don't cut yourself short. Sure, we need money to live, and keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. But life can be more beautiful when you cut our the superfluous. First, cut out what you feel you or your family don't absolutely need, and see if that works out for a month. If it turns out you didn't miss it, you've got your answer. It was all in the simplification.

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  1. Veganara
    voted, great advice here. I agree with you, i think too many kids are spoilt, and it shouldn't be all about money. you might like my latest recipe btw, My Magnifique Creamy vegetable soup. :-)
  2. Getting fit with the V
    Getting fit with the V
    Thank you, I use to care about how much money was coming in, then I thought if I had to leave and only tack one bag can I pu all that is needed to get by in one bag. I started to look into the small house movements a d see how they live and they are very happy. I couldn't live in a tent but I can find ways to cut back and save more money and still live a smipple life. Less stress. But thank you if only the kids today felt less about having e next tablet or car that hit the market and fine a mild ground in this money power world.


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