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Let's Switch Over to Organic Farming
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Let's Switch Over to Organic Farming

Organic farming is the practice of maintaining fertility, pest management, controlling weeds, etc. by adopting natural methods, thereby eliminating the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.  It includes the use of compost, green manure, crop rotation, biological pest control, etc. Organic farming helps us to regain our lost wisdom about the eco-friendly agricultural practices followed by our ancestors.  Unlike the conventional agricultural practice, organic farming does not pollute the environment. It rejuvenates the soil nutrition. Some important benefits of adopting organic farming are:


Fossil fuels are utilized directly in the manufacturing of fertilizers and pesticides and indirectly in the transportation of these chemicals. In this process enormous amount of carbon is released into the atmosphere. Application of fertilizers depletes the soil. This results in the release of carbon from SOC (Soil organic carbon) into the atmosphere. Higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere lead to global warming and climate change. By adopting organic farming, we can maintain higher levels of SOC in the soil. SOC maintains fertility, water logging capacity of the soil and endures severe climatic conditions.


Application of fertilizers erode the soil and make them unfit for agriculture. The resultant run off water from agricultural fields enters into ponds or rivers and pollutes them. In addition to this, chemicals percolate through the soil particles and contaminate the ground water. By simply following the organic farming, the need for fertilizers, weedicides, fungicides, pesticides, etc. is eliminated by the use of composts, green manure, etc. Organic farming is the best method of farming for the sustainable development without polluting the environment.


In the true sense, conventional agricultural practice is a slow poison, wherein chemicals find their way from field to market and end up on our plates.  Thus chemicals enter our food chain. This is called bio-accumulation, which is an irreversible process. It has been reported that DDT (dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane) was found in cow's milk.  It is an alarming indication of Bio-accumulation from producers to herbivores. Organic farming is the only solution preventing the accumulation of chemicals from one trophic level to another.


Conventional agricultural practices kill the essential worms and pollinators by using pesticides. If this practice is continued, life on earth is doubtful without any pollinators left. Many species of bees and other pollinators survived during organic farming which would have otherwise died in the conventional practice. Cows fed on organically grown plants gives nutritious milk. They are found to be stronger and disease resistant. The life span of herbivores is increased by consuming organically grown corps. Organic farming helps to sustain life on earth.


Chemical fertilizers are completely forbidden in organic agriculture. This helps the farmer to reduce the production cost to at least 25 percent. It is said that the organic farming increases the yield and the quality of the crops since the nutrition of the soil is not lost.


Organic farm products taste better because of the low nitrate content. Organically grown fruits are found to be sweeter than the fruits grown by the conventional practices. This is because of the increased mineral and micro-nutrient contents. By consuming organic food, heart attacks, stroke, cancer, etc. are kept at bay. Some fertilizers are carcinogenic in nature.  It is difficult to identify the chemicals and remove them selectively. It is high time that we switch over to organic farming for a healthy living.   


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  1. Vegan Sue
    Last year when I got Organic tomato food, I found a strong odor. When I looked at ingreidents I saw poultry manure and bone meal. And I thought as a Vegan, if I was eating vegan so too should my plants. It never dawned on me to look at the ingreidents first. Maybe that will be helpful for others to know too.


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