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Let's Make This Little Piggy Fly!
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Let's Make This Little Piggy Fly!

As a vegan, it is difficult to find new ways of enlightening people on the danger, atrocities and mistreatment of factory farming. Such a subject is delicate partially due to the number of people that refuse to believe it is actually happening. However, Animals Australia, an Australia-based organisation, has set itself the goal of accumulating a sufficient amount of signatures and donations to put pressure on their government by making an ad that will appear on television. They are getting close to 23,000 signatures, and the count is going up quite quickly!

Their campaign is called Make It Possible. Along with known Australian faces, they are educating the public in a manner that depicts the suffering of the animal, but with a voice of hope - the one of a piglet singing softly and encouraging his farm pals along. The campaign video is touching, informative and not as depressing as PETA's, which is refreshing to see. There are also videos explaining exactly what happens on each animal's farm in a typical factory-farm setting.

Another side of this campaign that makes it different from others I've seen so far is the fact that they want people to take steps, but only those they can manage in their lives or are willing to make. They offer the choice between eliminating factory-farmed products in diets, reducing meat consumption, or becoming vegetarian. There is also the possibility of making a donation instead of a change of lifestyle which, although may seem like very little, is already much more than most would be willing to do.

I encourage all those who read this article to post the video on every possible social media they are a member of, to sign the petition, and perhaps to make their pledge and donate. There is also a gift shop with some products available for sale internationally.

Let's make this little pig's dream come true: let's make this little pig fly!


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Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Veganara
    Voted and signed the pledge. I would donate as well, but I am out of pocket at present! Great blog, it is brilliant that they are doing this, and I really hope they succeed in getting this ad on TV. Well done for publicising this, I will share it.
  2. SnakeWitch
    I love the little piggy! Shared, signed and voted! I am happy to see that they are working to make this possible. I hope they succeed.


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