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Meet Vegan Bodybuilder Jim Morris
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Meet Vegan Bodybuilder Jim Morris

We have a general perception about bodybuilders that they need a lot of nourishment for their body. We know that they need a considerable intake of protein, minerals, calcium etc. for their muscles to grow, and for their bones to strengthen. Known sources of protein are red meat, poultry, fish, milk etc. and we often see these individuals consuming huge amount of these within their regular diet. However, there are bodybuilders who have gone vegan all the way, and are doing just fine. Let’s meet one such guy, Jim Morris, a bodybuilder who used to compete in events and has been a complete vegetarian for the last twelve years.

He is 77 years old now and he looks more than healthy for his age. He has a different attitude toward eating habit than most other people would have. He is of opinion that just because we can survive on meat, it does not necessarily mean that it is good for us. Jim rightly points out that we can abandon meat as a source of protein since there are lot of grains and pulses, fruits and vegetables that contain protein. He is against consuming meat because of the fat and chemicals that are in it.

Jim Morris is not a bodybuilder any more, in a sense that he lifts weight and takes part in competition. Nevertheless, he works out and he has a well-built body with muscles that is in perfect shape. He admits that his bowels weren't always in order when he used to eat non-vegetarian food. Ever since he gone veg, he not only stays healthy, but feels good about himself. Moreover, he now relates himself with other creatures in the world from a different perspective. He looks at them as other beings that have thoughts and feelings. The fact that he is not a human that hurts other creatures gives him peace of mind.

Milk, another source of protein, calcium and minerals, is perceived by Morris as something for babies. The nutritional value of milk can be found in other (vegetarian) items that are good enough for human body, soy milk for example. Jim points out an interesting fact, that it is the human species that continues to consume milk for a considerable length of life, unlike other life forms on the planet. On top of that, where other animals stop drinking milk from their mothers when they grow up, adult humans keep drinking milk, not from their own mothers, but from other animals that have babies.

Jim Morris is an active member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). He has developed a philanthropic attitude toward all living beings on earth. No wonder he questions our legitimacy in drinking cow’s milk by the gallon. After all, that milk was meant for baby cows, not for us.

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