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Learning To Be A Vegetarian
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Learning To Be A Vegetarian

In my desire to be healthier I have been converting to a vegetarian diet. Although, I still eat fish and farm fresh eggs and once in a while I have game birds or venison, my biggest change in diet came about after reading and watching video's about GMO foods and how the use of roundup on weed plants and soil, and crops can have such a bad effect on the food we eat and how it is also effecting honey bees and the helpful insects.

I have trouble with allergies and find it would be easier to tell you what I am not allergic too, then give you the long lists of medications that I am allergic too. But food wise I am very allergic to peanuts and chicken and wheat, and I am fighting the effects of fibromyalgia, by trying to improve my health and get back some energy and strength in my muscles.

So my goal is too eat lots of organic vegetables and drink healthy homemade juices and fresh spring water, and to raise my own vegetables by safe organic methods and cook using vegan and vegetarian recipes, so I can avoid store bought foods as much as possible. Been busy working on getting my kitchen in order, by purchasing a juicer, and hope  soon to have a food processer, so that with my equipment I can make any type of organic vegan or vegetarian recipe that suits my fancy.

In searching for interesting recipies I think the ability to make cheese from raw nuts is one of the most unusual ideas I have ever found. After having made use of water cress and other wild plants in salads from the woods near my home, and picking wild blueberries and blackberries, I feel ready for many new adventures in cooking. Think I am going to like this new way of life, learning to be naturally healthy.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Welcome! I hope you find what you need here to become vegetarian, and the recipes abound! Voted! when you have the chance, read my post Arguments from Non-Veggies, and vote if you like it!
  2. Veganara
    Voted. Good for you! You sound like a very positive and open-minded sort of person, so I wish you lots of success with this change. Please check out my latest recipe, Multicultural Tofu Scrambles, for a tasty breakfast idea.
  3. sweedly
    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am excited about finding more information and recipes to try. I look forward to reading your posts.
  4. Teresa
    A very interesting blog. It sounds like you live out in the country somewhere. I love being out in the country and having to grow our own foods. I use to help both, my mother, and her parents with their gardens. How I missed having a garden. I love the thought of having fresh vegetables and berries to make home made items such as jellies, and the like. My grandmother use to do a lot of canning when I was back home. I'm from West Virginia.
    1. Veganara
      Hi again Teresa, glad to see you have considered Annie's and my suggestions to come back here! I have recently submitted a recipe you might like, something to start you off, Repro Ratatouille. Please check it out and vote if you like it. :-)


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