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Last Ounces of Toxins... Check!
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Last Ounces of Toxins... Check!

It's detox time!

I have mentally prepared myself for the last three days now. Still, this is going to be tough, I know. I can just feel it.

I have decided to divide my journey into four parts or phases.


  • First, is the "Cleansing Phase" in which I will be just purging my system from all the toxins I had been recklessly putting into this "holy temple" for the past years. I will do this for three days.
  • Then, the "Juicing Phase" for 10 days (actually, I'm shooting for 60 days, but I want to break them down into 10 at a time). I am not too sure about this yet. I will tweak it as I go along. I mean, I do not have a job at this point, and that means no money. Our family budget has no room for my needs during my journey. So, I cannot see myself buying fruits and veggies from the store. I am actually seeing myself turning very, very creative during this phase... I will probably look to the vegetation around my house and in my backyard—nearly a 10-acerage land. AND I AM VERY OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS... no, BEGGING FOR SUGGESTIONS... as to what kinds of plants may be beneficial for my purpose, etc. Already, I have papayas, mangoes, guavas, bananas, nonis, taros, potatoes, pumpkins and a few more. But that's about it. I may not have too many variations, but I'm ex-military. There is still some hold-over residue of "adapt and improvise" discipline left in my system... I think. After the first 10 days, by the way, I begin a workout program with two-mile brisk walking.
  • After the 60-day period, I will officially call myself a Vegan. This is my "Veganism Phase." I go back to solid food. Only this time, no more flesh... or animal products. All plant-based... Veganstyle! Please pray for and with me that I stay faithful and motivated to the end.
  • Finally, at the end of this period, as I switch back to solid food, my workout program intensifies to include running and weights... three times a week. And, from here on out, it's "Maintenance Phase," all maintenance of this new lifestyle. Again, please help... pray for me.

Now though, I'm all excited! As I am actually here, and it's all preparation: Preparation, preparation, preparation, mentally and physically before the real ride!

Mind you, as a Bible believing Christian, I frequently fast and pray for three days at a time. Two years ago, I was fasting for two to three days every other week. And just during the month of January last year, a number of us from our Church went on a 10-day fast. Nothing but water and prayer. So, while I have had some training already, it's still going to be very, very hard. I know.

Anyhow, just this morning, when I got up around 6:30; I polished off my last ounces of toxins in a glass... the Dew!

I am currently on the road as I type... my wife's driving. But as soon as I get back home, I'll get my trusty water bottle... my companion. and will let u know about the rest of the day.

Whew! Here goes... the beginning of DAY 1.

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