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Know your Cooking Oil
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Know your Cooking Oil

For any dish you prepare, you will have use cooking oil more or less depending on the requirement. Some dishes are very tasteful when you add the right amounts of oil. These days it has become a habit of following a diet control and most people use very little amounts of oil than required. You should remember that it is important to balance the cholesterol levels in your body to retain the energy. Different types of oils are available these in the market. Before using them, you should have a better idea what they contain. Generally there are two types of oils.

• Polyunsaturated • Saturated or monounsaturated

Polyunsaturated oils when cooked give an unpleasant smell and taste to the food. These are processed chemically. When food is cooked in high temperatures, there are chances that the taste of the food might change, thereby making the dish tasteless.

Now coming to saturated oils, these are extracted from the natural resources such as coconut. Though these are also processed chemically, this kind of oil is good for health. Coconut oil when cooked in a proper way not gives an aroma to the dish but also a typical flavour to the dish. Me being a South Indian, I love to use this kind of oil for some of the dishes which turn out very well.



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