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Know Our Spices: Cloves
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Know Our Spices: Cloves

Another ingredient I always like to add to my tea and rice. If you are a singer or a speaker, it is an elixir for your throat. This reminds me of one of my performances during college. I had committed to sing a song for our annual fest and on the final day my throat was completely chocked. It might be because of the huge crowd I was going to face or the non-stop practice I was burdening it with, but it just shut down.

Thankfully, I crossed one of my friends, a professional singer during that afternoon. She advised me to put cloves in my mouth and keep it for a long while. I delivered the entire thing without any problem. Some of my friends would know it today if they read this. Cloves are awesome!

Cloves grow in many parts of Asia and are actually flower buds. They have a strong flavor and are added to main course as well as desserts in multiple cuisines. Cloves are used in Ayurveda to treat teeth related ailments. Keeping it in the mouth or the affected tooth also helps in toothache.

Interestingly, they are also used as ant repellants.

Cloves are known to be hot. People with respiratory problems or regular cough and cold can benefit from it. They improve digestion and are also used as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and also as analgesic. They are also good anti-oxidizing agents. They are rich in minerals and also have omega 3 fatty acids.

The best way to consume them is raw. Just keep it in the mouth for some time. I also like to use it as a mouth freshener after a meal (while it quietly helps me with the digestion)

They leave behind their flavor when boiled in water or added to curry. The stem can be removed after cooking and is usually not eaten.

If you have any questions about cloves, you can ask me here. I will be using it in some of my future recipes, so you have to wait for that!

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  1. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    NIce :) Clove and Tulsi in tea is a great medicine for common cold and sore throat. I've been using it since my childhood. Clove also makes Rice based recipes smell and taste great :)
    1. Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh
      i think i have had herb tea with cloves.
    2. Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh
      i think i have had herb tea with cloves.
  2. evalovesbend
    Great post with great info! Voted. Check out my post "Pink" Lemonade and vote if you like it :)
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks! I will definitely give it a glance..
  3. parneesha211
    Cloves are excellent pain relievers for tooth pain also..voted!!
    1. Akanksha
      Yes they are!! Thanks for reading Parneesha
  4. kristo
    I love the smell of clove. voted!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Kristofir :) (still have the urge to call you Lapis :P)
  5. abhasklal
    I also use cloves regularly as mouth freshener and as a remedy for stomach problems.
  6. Veganara
    Voted. Wow, I never knew all this about cloves, I must try them! My mum used to bake them into apple pies for flavour and here in Britain they sell clove oil in chemists for toothache.
    1. Akanksha
      Remember not to overdo it..because they are hot.. Wait for my next post which connects to this ;-)
  7. Roopam
    Absolutely...they are used a lot in Indian cooking and give an amazing flavor besides the health benefits...voted!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Roopam :-)
  8. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    Voted! I love cloves in recipes but I had no idea about their use for tooth ailments or soothing the throat. Good to know! Check out my latest post when you get a chance!
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