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Keep Your Skin Hydrated Naturally!
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Keep Your Skin Hydrated Naturally!

Your skin needs lots of moisture to remain gorgeous and smooth. There is nothing more ageing than dry, damaged skin. Luckily, there are some really easy and natural ways to keep your skin in glorious condition, no matter the season.  

  • 1. Use Special Oils

There are various oils that can help to keep your skin moisturized. These include jojoba oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil. You could even combine all three in order to get the best protection for your skin against windy conditions. 

  • 2. Top up on Water!

If you drink lots of water, this will have a positive effect on your skin because our bodies require a lot of water to function properly. The skin is no different. If you love to drink coffee and tea on a daily basis, try switching these for water. You can make water less boring by adding a bit of fruit juice to it.

  • 3. Eat Hydrating Foods

Did you know that some foods can help your skin stay moisturized? It's like they're doing you a beauty favor from the inside out! Such fruits and vegetables include spinach, watermelon, pumpkin, avocado and berries. They also help your digestive system, which is an all-round health benefit for your skin and body. 

  • 4. Get a Humidifier

Using a humidifier to clean the air in your bedroom every night helps to maintain skin hydration. It's especially good if you wish to heal dry or itchy skin problems. 

  • 5. Avoid Hot Showers

Although they are luxurious, the temperature of hot showers can actually dry out your skin. It’s best to stick to warm water when showering or bathing, and always coat on your favorite moisturizer when you step out. This helps to trap in moisture, keeping your skin looking nourished.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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