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Justin Bieber Abandons Dog?
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Justin Bieber Abandons Dog?

News reports have been claiming that 20-year-old celebrity Justin Bieber has abandoned his bulldog (a cutie pie called Karma) by leaving her with his dog trainer earlier this year and never going back to fetch her!

It’s been months since the incident and Bieber has still not expressed any interest in reclaiming his pet. The dog’s trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk, told the media that although he has been trying to get in touch with the star, Bieber has avoided calls from him about his dog. Infuriated, Dvernichuk expressed his anger on social media where he also shared pictures of the gorgeous dog.

Bieber first brought Karma into his life about a year ago, when he got the puppy from a pet center in Canada. Fans on social media were invited to choose a name for the dog. Now they’ve been seeing images of the poor dog that the star does not seem to want, nor does he care about getting Karma back from his trainer and finding her a suitable, loving home.

Shockingly, Bieber has done this to other pets in the past. Two years ago, he gave his hamster to a fan at a concert. It was discovered a few months later that the poor animal died. Then, a year and a half ago, Bieber had his Capuchin monkey taken by German customs officials because he was letting it tag along on his Munich tour. He hadn’t got the right paperwork for the animal's trip, nor did he give it the vaccination it required. Worse still, he didn’t go back to fetch his monkey when he was allowed to. The monkey ended up in a Munich animal shelter, but now is said to be residing in a wildlife park in Germany. Bieber was further criticized for having had the monkey as a pet to begin with. It wasn’t supposed to have been removed from his mother’s care for the first year of its life. Added to this, Capuchin monkeys are social beings that should be in groups, not be left alone without other members of their species.

It seems Bieber doesn’t take looking after pets seriously at all and approaches animals with a 'love you now, leave you later' attitude. But it seems Karma is going to get him. As his trainer wrote on his Facebook page in September: 'Karma is gonna bite you in your a** biebers.’


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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