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Junk-Food Vegan
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Junk-Food Vegan

A stereotype I hear often is, "You're vegan? You must be so healthy!" People assume that because someone is vegan, they must spend all day eating vegetables and superfoods like hemp seeds and spirulina, eating raw until 4, then eating delicate meals of lentils and kale for dinner, and never drinking alcohol. While I am practically the poster girl for nutritional yeast, and I do harp on my friends and family to incorporate more veggies in their meals, I am also probably the most unhealthy vegan I know.

As it turns out, some of the most delicious junk food is vegan. Oreos, Lays potato chips, Skittles, pretty much any name brand cereal (excluding the ones with honey in them), Sour Patch Kids, plus like, all the french fries. That's not even mentioning all the new yummy junk foods being made specifically for vegans, such as Millie's vegan gelato, Unreal candy, Daiya cheeze sauce, Enjoy Life cookies, and so many more. There is no shortage of high-fat, high-calorie, totally-bad-for-you delicious vegan snacks to much on all day long.

One must also consider the biggest culprit of empty calories of all: alcohol. When you consider that Mike's Hard Lemonade is vegan, as is a bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell, my Saturday nights probably don't look too much different from a non-vegan's.

The point is, vegans can be just as unhealthy as non-vegans, although that doesn't mean that they have to. As a vegan who loves empty calories, I like having the option of a sugary carb-filled dessert after eating my delicate dinner of lentils and kale. Vegans should be allowed to eat junk food and not feel bad about it. That doesn't mean you should only eat Swedish Fish just because they're vegan, but don't feel obligated to conform to the stereotype of a healthy vegan all the time. A little cake never hurt anyone.


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