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Jumpstart Your Workouts with These Powerful Vegan Foods!
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Jumpstart Your Workouts with These Powerful Vegan Foods!

Working up a sweat at the gym just got better with the addition of certain vegan foods to your diet that take your exercise efforts to the next level. Here are four foods to eat if you want to get better results. Ready? Let's go! 

  • 1. Leafy Green Spinach

Maybe Popeye was onto something! Spinach is a great source of many nutrients you need for excellent workouts, such as magnesium and iron. Spinach helps to send oxygen into your bloodstream for greater circulation. Added to this, its protein content maintains your blood sugar levels at a stable level, which is a must when you need that extra boost of energy!

  • 2. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are proof that great things come in small packages! Chia seeds contain B vitamins, protein, omega-3 fats, fiber and potassium. They help you to work out at the gym for longer and harder. Made of 20 per cent protein, chia seeds have much more of this important nutrient than many other seeds and grains. For a quick snack, add chia seeds to your smoothies or cereal.

  • 3. Oats

Speaking of cereal, eat more oats on mornings when you are getting ready to head to your workout. Oats contain many nutrients but in order to get the most from them, make sure you buy steel cut or rolled oats. These contain more soluble fibre which helps your workout by producing a coating in the intestine that can have many benefits, such as lowering your cholesterol and slowing down how much glucose is released into the blood. This also helps to limit fat storage in the body.

  • 4. Good Carbs

You need to have a healthy range of good carbohydrates to give your body enough fuel when your workouts are intense. Get complex carbs because they are packed with nutrients and take longer to digest. They also have less sugar which will help you with weight issues. Choose complex carbs like brown rice, fruit, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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