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Jennifer Lopez: Vegan While Wearing Fur?
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Jennifer Lopez: Vegan While Wearing Fur?

It’s always nice to hear of the latest celebrities that have joined the vegan bandwagon, and recently a star who has done this is singer Jennifer Lopez. However, the move is not without controversy.

  • Vegan Va-Voom!

When she conducted a radio interview with Radio Z100 in New York, Jennifer praised the vegan diet (in spite of missing butter!), saying, 'You do feel better [on the diet]. I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!’ This is great news and hopefully she will inspire some of her fans to try out the vegan diet, too. Glowing vegan diet aside, however, Jennifer is a celebrity well known for wearing and loving fur, and this doesn't look set to change.

  • She’s Saving Hundreds of Animals

A debate that Jennifer's new vegan decision sparks is: Do real vegans wear fur? If you just follow a vegan diet but not the complete lifestyle, isn’t that like saying you’re a flexitarian who eats meat sometimes? Isn't that devoid of real commitment? Of course, Jennifer's efforts should be praised: just by cutting out animal products from one’s diet, one can prevent the killing of up to 200 animals every year, according to PETA.

  • But What About the Fur, Jenny?

Jennifer Lopez has been considered one of the biggest fur lovers in Hollywood. She wears rabbit, mink, chinchilla and fox fur, with her love of fur even showing up in her Sweetface clothing range. PETA has named the star, 'Jenny from the butcher block.' Yikes. Coming out and saying you're following a vegan diet when you know that the world has seen your love of wearing animals does seem a bit hypocritical. How is wearing animals better than eating them, after all?

  • Reasons for Going Vegan

Perhaps Jennifer Lopez’s fur/diet conundrum boils down to the fact that people have different reasons for going vegan. Although we might assume that vegans have strong activist feelings and want to save the planet’s animals, this isn’t always the reason for their lifestyle change. In the star’s case, according to CTV News, Jennifer went on a vegan diet in order to stay in shape. Perhaps if her focus had been on saving the planet, then the fur would have been tossed to the curb along with her extra pounds. All we can hope is that her feel-good vegan diet will be the first step to a complete vegan lifestyle.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Truckngirl
    There are dietary vegans that don't have a conflict with animal skins or other pieces.
  2. Lbelenzon
    I appreciate your graciousness in response to JLo's deplorable choice to wear fur. I personally object to the notion of a "vegan diet," comparable to any other popular diet trend. For my family and I, "vegan" is a lifestyle and a spiritual practice which motivates and dictates the way we interact with the world. It is about practicing compassion toward every species of living being on the planet, as well as rejecting and defending against the exploitation of nonhuman animals in all of its many horrific forms. It is so much more than just how we choose to nourish ourselves.


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