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Jared Leto is Bulking Up on a Vegan Diet: 4 Ways You Can Too
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Jared Leto is Bulking Up on a Vegan Diet: 4 Ways You Can Too

Actor and heartthrob Jared Leto needs to gain more muscle for his upcoming role as the  Joker in the movie, 'The Suicide Squad' and has made vegan fans extremely happy by stating that he is going to continue following a vegan diet to gain muscle mass. He is committed to an eating plan that involves eating every few hours so that he piles on the pounds. He posted a recent picture on Instagram showing off some very shapely biceps. If you’re trying to tone up or gain more muscles on a vegan diet, you  need to follow some good diet and fitness tips. These include:

  • Eat More Protein 

These are vital to build up your muscles, so fill your diet with foods that are protein-rich, such as whole grains, seeds and nuts. Protein is not just good for bulking up, but it’s also a must for repairing your muscles after a good workout. Protein shakes can also help you to notch up more of the muscle-friendly nutrient.

  • Fuel up with Carbs 

You need enough energy to sustain you throughout your intense gym sessions, and that’s where carbs come to the rescue. Before a workout you should eat a mix of simple and complex carbs. The simple ones will give you a boost of energy while the complex ones, such as oatmeal or fruit, will help you maintain that energy throughout your workout. Unprocessed foods are best, though as you don’t want to gain body fat, so skip the sugary items! 

  • Get in Your Good Fats 

You might be cutting down on fats, but don’t neglect your healthy ones. These are vital to your workouts. Nuts, a good source of healthy fats, are great for building more muscle. Oils, such as olive and coconut, are also valuable to your fitness goals. Coconut oil burns fats in the body while olive oil gives your body a boost as well as gives your body antioxidants it needs to fight off free radicals and stay healthy.

  • Chow on!  

It’s not just enough to eat nutritious foods every day, but you also have to make sure you eat them regularly throughout the day. This is important to build up muscle mass and to keep refuelling your body’s nutrients. You should also drink lots of water throughout the day.

Image By Nicolas Genin, (CC BY-SA 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons

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