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It's the time of my life.......
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It's the time of my life.......

I was out for a walk this morning. Practicing honoring my body, mind and spirit. Being grateful and full of energy. Loving life. The question that kept coming to me was, "why did you wait so long ?"

I turned 50 in January.

I love being 50.  It seems that I held out until I was 50 to give myself permission to do so many things. I've been leaning in the vegan direction for the last couple years. Educating myself, getting ready. My body seemed happy to go in this direction. I've learned to love and crave green juice. Fresh veggies are staples for me now. I'm happy to try new recipes and even made my own fresh veggie burgers last week. A meatless meatloaf. Who would have believed that I'd be steaming Swiss Chard and Kale in the mornings for breakfast. I am finding my own words and confidence to answer the people when they wonder...."why are you doing that?"

I like the community of people, ideas, energy that I feel connected to.  I carry it within me now. It is becoming me.

I answered my question this morning as I does not matter why I waited so long. It's most important that I know I am here now. I am so grateful to be here now. 


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  1. Veganara
    Welcome to the FV, and don't forget to vote for yourself! Great blog, and that's how I feel too, that it's all about health, love and peace. You may like to look at my two latest blogs, For Life, Love and Liberty! and Roast Vegetable Tart with Tapenade. If you like them, please vote!
  2. BuddhasDelight
    love it! rock on! :) voted!
    1. gpet
      Hey .....thanks for the vote ! Enjoy a fabulous day !


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