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'It's Not Natural' - the Stupidest Argument Against Veganism
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'It's Not Natural' - the Stupidest Argument Against Veganism

One of the stupidest, and sadly most common arguments that people wheel out against being vegan is that it isn't natural. The argument goes that our bodies are built to eat meat, so that's what we should do. 'Veganism isn't natural', these detractors cry out, the assumption being that we therefore shouldn't do it.

There are countless reasons why they're wrong.

First, the flip side of their own argument. Our bodies are built to eat a huge range of things. Our ancestors didn't always live off meat, they lived off whatever they could get hold of. Living off vegetables and grains is as natural as any other diet.

Then there's the more fundamental stupidity of the argument. Unless you're debating veganism naked in a cave, you're already well outside the bounds of 'natural'. The clothes you're wearing? Manmade, not natural. The machine that made them? Not natural. The house you're living in; the music you're listening to; the compound-reared, factory-butchered, clingfilm-wrapped steaks in the supermarket? They grew that way.

No, wait - they're not natural either.

But, your opponent cries out, it's natural for humans to do these things - to use our brains to overcome the limits of our environment. And this time they're right. But they're missing the fact that this is what veganism is - using our brains to overcome the limits of our environment, both ecological and man made, to find a better way to live.

Because this is the ultimate argument against 'it's not natural'. We are beings of artifice. Whether by evolution, design or some crazy mishmash of the two, we have developed the ability to overcome our 'natural' limits. That's who we are. That's what we, as humans, do. And when we're arguing in favour of our ethical choices, we should never forget that.

Just remember, reading about this on the internet - not natural.

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