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It's Turkey Season. Go Vegan To Save Turkeys From A Cruel, Shocking Fate
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It's Turkey Season. Go Vegan To Save Turkeys From A Cruel, Shocking Fate

PETA has caused a stir yet again for a good cause. Recently in Belfast, shoppers were shocked by the sight of a young naked woman lying on a giant white plate outside a shopping centre called CastleCourt. She was surrounded by brussel sprouts and had brown sauce drizzled over her body. It was like she was a piece of meat on the Christmas table, and yes, that's exactly what she was supposed to be. 

1. Imagine Trading Places With a Turkey This Festive Season.

The PETA campaign was focused on the message 'Try to relate to who's on your plate. Go vegan.'  It's a clever way to bring attention to the plight of turkeys over the festive season - as PETA stated, they feel pain just like people and should not be forgotten. 

2. The Shocking Truth of Turkey Slaughter. 

Almost three hundred million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States every year. From when they are just a few weeks old, turkeys get put into sheds that have no light and which they share with thousands of other turkeys. This is where they live out the rest of their days until they're ready to be taken to slaughterhouses. Once there, turkeys get pumped with pills to make them larger and to grow more quickly. When they're ready to be killed, turkeys are hung upside down and their heads get dipped into electrified water to kill them. Then, they're placed in boiling water to get rid of their feathers. Shockingly, some turkeys don't die during the electric process and end up burnt alive.

3. Christmas Reality Check.

When you see a turkey before you at the Christmas table, it looks healthy and delicious. But now you know what it really takes to make it look so. Appearances are very deceiving. The shoppers in Belfast might have been shocked by the display of the naked woman, but honestly, shouldn't they be even more shocked by the unacceptable cruelty that millions of turkeys go through every year? 


Photo credit: USDAgov via / CC BY


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