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It's Good for me...But is it Good for You?
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It's Good for me...But is it Good for You?

We grow up believing that there are healthy foods and unhealthy foods. It is true; there are foods that give us nourishment and foods that are actually a waste for our body. Junk food is just some extra stress on the organs of the body, and we all know about alcohol and other abusive stuff. Yes, we can draw the lines and label foods at a generic level, but there are subcategories of the good food too.

These categories differentiate what is best for you and what is just good. Also, the food that may work wonders for someone might not be the best for some other. It is not just a matter of taste. Different people need different foods to live and enjoy their health.

This is not as complicated as it sounds, and there is science behind it. Japanese suggest food intake based on your blood group, some specialists classify people based on the shape of their body, while Ayurveda has its own nomenclature and method of classification.

In Ayurveda, your body type or the constitution of your body is called your 'prakruti' (which means 'nature' in hindi). Though you can yourself try to guess your constitution by taking a quiz, consulting an Ayurvedic doctor for pulse diagnosis is the most accurate way to find it out. Then you can follow the diet plan according to your body type.

Being a vegan is definitely a great decision and topping it up with other lifestyle choices that suit you best is the icing on the cake. Small changes make big differences!

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  1. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    Definitely! The type of food you take not only defines your health, it also have huge effect on the overall personality of a person. Whether a person is active or dull, grumpy or always excited, it all goes down to what kind of food he/she is taking everyday. And Ayurveda's approach and advise is the best on this topic. if it is followed carefully for a long time, I believe one can even increase his/her age.
  2. Sheila Ray
    This is quite interesting, Akanksha. Thanks for sharing. voted
  3. Veganara
    Good article, vote no 5. It's true, certain "health" foods may be good for one person, but not for another. As you say, a lot comes down to body type and individual biology.
  4. pftsusan
    Vote #6. I definately do believe in alternative medicine. There are some ways of applying science, that are better than others. Just because these sciences are all different in their findings and the facts regarding them, doesn't mean that they are wrong. On the other hand, some of these sciences and science in nutrition, are not recognized due to they are not killing us or animals to get money. I know that this is a strong thing to say here. I wanted to say it because there is some truth to this.
  5. Carolyn
    Akanksha, congrats for making Top Posts! Sorry due to working third shift in the emergency room for the past several days, I have not been on The Flaming Vegan. Great the way you write from the heart. Will be watching for up coming blogs!
    1. Akanksha
      Thank you so much for your kind words Carolyn! That is no problem I understand you are very busy. I do miss you though.
  6. evalovesbend
    Great post! Vote #9. Check out my post Peach Granita with Mint and vote if you like it :)


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