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Italian Court Rules in Favor of Vegan Diet for Babies
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Italian Court Rules in Favor of Vegan Diet for Babies

Letting your baby be vegan is not an easy decision to make. There is much debate over this, as well as some scary stories of vegan parents putting their babies’ health at risk with lack of nutrition. But in Italy, a court has just ruled pro-vegan for babies.

  • How it Happened:

The case occurred in a court in Alto Adige in Italy and it was a milestone for vegan parenting. What happened is that a mother who brought her 10 month old child to a nursery school requested that he be given a vegan diet by the teachers, which made all hell break loose. The school, quite shockingly, expelled the child after wanting to see medical proof from the mother that her son was healthy on a vegan diet. The court took the side of the mother, saying that expelling a child for their choice in diet is discrimination, pure and simple. This case has opened up opportunities in Italy, allowing parents to have greater freedom when it comes to letting their kids be vegan if they please.

  • Should Your Baby Be Vegan?

If you’re vegan, but still unsure about whether or not you should choose this lifestyle for your children when they’re really young, take this into consideration: any diet can be unhealthy if it is not balanced with the proper nutrients required by babies to be healthy. These include B-vitamins, zinc, calcium, Vitamin A, and so on. Some people might think that meat and dairy should form part of their children’s balanced diet, but this is sometimes a deceptive comfort zone. You can’t take one food group or one type of food (such as beef) and think that this is what is going to make your children healthy, for instance by giving them protein. In actual fact, you should ensure that your baby achieves all his/her nutrients from more than one food source, enabling them a combination of vitamins for greater health as well as a nourishing diet. This should be the case whether or not your children are vegan. 

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  1. Support
    It's hard to believe sometimes, how much dietary misinformation still rules. Glad the truth won out here! Thanks Giulia.
  2. RAC
    Thanks for sharing this info Giulia! Read the news as well!! Surely voted!


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