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It is hard to be Vegan when you only like a few vegetables
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It is hard to be Vegan when you only like a few vegetables

I stopped eating things which gave live birth when I was about 17. The school in the movie FAME…this is the kind of school I went to. It was fantastic and full of beautiful people and teachers. I had a teacher from the Islands who had beautiful glittery cocoa skin and I wanted her skin. She told me she was a vegetarian. Her baby was too! So I gave up meat….sort of…. I missed the Bar B Que sandwiches which are on just about every corner in Texas, the most. But soon meat grossed me out. I did not like to even go on dates if the guy I was with ordered red meat. No good night kiss for anyone with blood soaked teeth. I had no ethical reasons for not eating meat. It was pure vanity at first, then I just grew to find it revolting. The vegetarian diet did nothing for my skin though but I stuck with it. At 50 I still get zits. It also did nothing for my shape. The skinny vegetarian was not me.

So I was not really vegetarian…I still ate chicken and fish even though I hated fish. Vanity was my first reason to give up meat, but then after I became a mom the ethical issue came up. I could not stand the thought of taking an animal’s child for my gastronomical pleasure. I still ate eggs, chicken and dairy. We even raised our own chickens and eggs. Eating chickens we raised was difficult for me. I did not see them as pets ever, but it was hard to kill and eat something I took care of. Chickens did not give birth to their young so I did not have the birth issue thing I had with mammals. Someone else killed our chickens for me, so I did not have to do that. It was an out of site killing.

VEGAN! I want to be vegan! I want to be vegan so bad! Anytime I want to do something I study it, I immerse myself fully in it to see if it is for me. I was moved after watching the movie Forks Over Knives to actually take the next step. I have tried vegan before and failed. The Raw diet was a massive failure as I am a soup addict! Plus I love hot coffee! And I love only half and half in my hot coffee. The other problem is I only like a few vegetables. How can I be a vegan when I have never really tasted Kohlrabi, turnips ,rutabaga, ( did I even spell that right?) radishes, beets? Then I am highly mouth allergic to tomatoes (even though I eat a ton of them!), citrus, strawberries, peaches and some dried beans.I am scared of mushrooms. My vegetarian diet revolved around a lot of pasta and salads.

Perhaps my fear of vegetables is a fear of the unknown. I grew up eating the protein and starch and vegetable plate. The vegetable usually was a can of something, peas, green beans, corn or succotash. We did sometimes have greens, collard and turnip but they were slathered in bacon grease. Every so often we had fresh green beans or corn on the cob. My mom had to work outside the home. No time for elaborate meals. My mom told me radishes were “hot”. So I never tried them.

For the last few months I have phased out chicken and most dairy. I love almond milk and am trying to replace my half and half habit with coconut creamer. As a former cheese addict, I am trying various soy cheeses and trying to make healthy soy cheese pizza with tomatoes and basil from my garden. I am trying various fake chicken things in the frozen food section. Blah,,I am not a fan of those things…they seem so processed and well…fake. has sent me several vegan books each week. For years I have raised a beautiful heirloom garden and only raise things I eat. Freshpicked vegetables are amazing!

Since this January, the year I turn 50 I decided I wanted to get in shape. I have said goodbye to most sugar and bread. I take private pilates class and have lost about 25 pounds. But I am trying to get fit first…skinny later. My problem is breakfast…I love my two eggs. It is either those or grits with Earth Balance. And my other problem is I only like about 6 vegetables! But I love tofu!

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  1. Veganara
    It sounds like you are doing really well, so keep it up! Try different methods of cooking vegetables and different combinations, you may get to like them more then. Often you do need to persevere with things quite a lot before you get to like them, a lot of the items in our diets are acquired tastes! You may be interested in my latest blog Reasons To Be Vegan, you may find that useful. If you like it, please vote! I would have voted for yours but I have run out of votes for today, so I will definitely come back and vote in the morning.
    1. Rebecca Kaz
      Thank you so much for the suggestion! I am going to go check you out! I really appreciate!
  2. Veganara
    I have just voted for you. There are a lot of wonderful recipes and suggestions on this site, as you have probably noticed already, so try some of those, for different ways with vegetables, and I think you may be onto a winner!


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