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Is a Plant-Based Diet Set to Be 2018's Biggest Trend?
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Is a Plant-Based Diet Set to Be 2018's Biggest Trend?

Even though the vegan diet has been mentioned since ancient Indian and Mediterranean societies, the real history of veganism started in the mid-40s of the 20th century. Since then, it has been steadily growing in popularity and adopters. Still, 2018 has been rumored to be THE year of veganism, according to recent research

Celebrity support

Being vegan may not sound like an easy lifestyle. But the list of benefits of being a vegan is long, including a lowered risk of heart disease, as well as a lower blood sugar level, the possibility of preventing certain types of cancer, weight reduction, and more.

Still. People are often more prone to try out something new if there is popular celebrity support behind it. 

Queue an increasing number of YouTubers, writers, and fashion bloggers who are openly discussing the benefits of veganism and announcing their decision on going vegan.

These increasingly famous folks wield a strong influence on the younger generations that follow them, from Millennials on down. The awareness of healthy vegan lifestyles and their associated benefits are spreading wildly among young people.

Most bloggers and YouTubers who became vegan are aware of their influence on their followers. They're consistent and clear about their eating regime. They frequently post about: a diet devoid of all animal products, embracing vegan natural and organic whole foods, and/or raw-food diets.

There are also movements around the world that include pro-veg campaigns, such as Veganuary, or Meatless Mondays. These efforts encourage ordinary people to try out a lifestyle which supports non-violence, respects animal rights, and enables a more healthful life.

Bloggers' Impacts: A Double-Edged Sword

When it comes to veganism, any publicity isn't necessarily good publicity. Even though more and more fashion bloggers are announcing they're going vegan, for example, some of them don't fully comprehend the breadth of that choice and what it implies.

For example, some Instagram fashion influencers, for example, try hard to maintain a "perfect weight" andmay switch to veganism primarily as an effort to stay slim, rather than to be healthy. In the event that they are cutting too many calories and living unhealthfully under the vegan umbrella, their subsequent health struggles can be a real blemish on the actual implications of a healthy and rounded vegan diet. They may send a message that veganism means being constantly hungry or cutting meals by drastic caloric standards, which sends a dangerous message.

These folks may also be so food-focused that they continue to wear animal fur and natural leather, without realizing that being vegan is also about being respectful of animal rights and opposing to wearing clothes made of animals altogether.

Being a vegan influencer means supporting cruelty-free vegan designers and stores.

In short, the veganism trend is growing in popularity each day, but it's crucial that folks flirting with the lifestyle spread accurate and reliable information.

I think it's fairly safe to say that veganism will experience a new level of popularity in 2018. However, disinformation can misshape veganisms already distorted popular image. It's up to us to hold ourselves and each other accountable with kindness, compassion, and hope.

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