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Is Your Non-Vegan Partner Sensitive to Your Lifestyle?
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Is Your Non-Vegan Partner Sensitive to Your Lifestyle?

If a non-vegan is lucky enough for you to want to date them even if you don't commit to changing your lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that they have carte blanche to overwhelm you with their non-vegan ways. Here are some things that we wish non-vegan partners wouldn’t do:

  • Make a big show of eating meat

If you tell your non-vegan partner it's cool for them to eat meat in front of you (you probably had to practice that in front of the mirror a lot, huh?), they shouldn’t go crazy by making a big show of it or trying to tempt you to take a bite of their burger. That's just annoying.

  • Bring food because they think your fridge is empty

Your partner might assume that your vegan lifestyle means you won't have much food in the house, but he or she is so wrong! Time to unleash your creative cooking to show them just how delicious vegan foods can be.

  • Think you're on a diet

How horrid that people are so quick to assume this. Many vegans love food and being creative in the kitchen, and they’re following a vegan lifestyle because they want to live healthy, ethical and animal-friendly lives. Don’t get offended if you get asked this, though. Some people really aren’t clued-up about veganism. 

  • Invite you to a barbeque

Okay, maybe your non-vegan partner meant well, but it's always better to be asked if you're okay with going, first. Chances are there might not be lots to eat. Your partner scores lots of points if he/she can make sure you'll have something delicious on which to feast (no, not a regular salad, darn it.).

  • Buy you a leather gift

What part of being against animal cruelty did your partner not understand? Getting you a leather wallet or pair of shoes for your birthday is quite insensitive. Try to be clear about how the gift is a violation of your lifestyle. If your partner can’t respect your choice to be vegan, then you seriously need to question if you should be with them. 

* Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via / CC BY

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  1. Support
    Great thoughts on lifestyle support! Thanks for the post, Giulia!
  2. tofuchik
    I would never have a non-vegan partner. Ugh! what would be the point???


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