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Is Your Nail Polish Vegan? (Hint: Probably Not)
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Is Your Nail Polish Vegan? (Hint: Probably Not)

You stay away from animal products in your kitchen, but look down at your pretty nails. It might surprise you to hear that conventional nail polish isn’t vegan. Why on earth would there be animal-derived substances in your nail polish? That’s a really good question. Animal products feature in your favourite nail polish with ingredients such as:

  • Guanine 

It might be listed as 'pearl essence' on your nail polish bottle, but guanine is really just derived from fish scales and acids that are located in animal tissue. Since it gives nail polish shimmer, you’re most likely to find it in products that have a luminous, pearly effect, or in glitter polish colors.

  • Carmine 

Red hues of nail polish are a warning - they often contain carmine. By boiling and crushing beetles, red color is created and that's what gives your siren nails such a rich shade. Suddenly that jam or cherry color isn't so appetizing, is it? 

  • Oleic Acid 

This is derived from animal oils and tallow, which is basically animal fat. In cosmetics, oleic acid can be used in various ways, such as by thickening a solution.   

The good news is that there are vegan nail polish brands that will enable you to enjoy gorgeous manis and pedis without containing any animal ingredients or being tested on animals. Some brands to try include:

Color Club:

Their nail colors are vegan and not tested on animals. You can find a range of sumptuous colors that are perfect for stepping out in brightness this summer. A must-try: their neon pastel shades.

1143 H20

Not only vegan and cruelty-free 1143 H20 nail colors have no smell and are non-toxic. These are great because who doesn’t dread that horrid nail polish smell during a mani? 

Make it Good for You Too!

While you’re ensuring your nail polish is vegan, don’t forget to make it non-toxic! There are many chemicals lurking in your nail polish that can be harmful to your health. The three main ingredients for which you should keep a steady eye out are toluene (which is harmful to the nervous system), DBP (an endocrine disrupter), and formaldehyde, a carcinogen.


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Support
    Love this! Thanks Giulia.
  2. Edward
    Wow! There is a vegan nail polish now! I'm kinda shocked! Now I'm left wondering what nail polish is made with now.


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