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Is This Really 'Fierce'? Beyoncé’s Tiger Pic Causes Outrage
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Is This Really 'Fierce'? Beyoncé’s Tiger Pic Causes Outrage

Over the holiday season, celebrity family Beyoncé, Jay-Z and their daughter headed off to Thailand. They didn’t realize that what was going to happen would cause a huge stir among animal activists.

At a Phuket FantaSea Theme Park, they took a photograph with a small tiger cub that was being fed with a bottle by someone not properly seen in the picture. In the image, all three are looking at the tiger in front of them and Beyoncé is reaching over to touch its head. The picture was posted on Instagram and many people started to post comments of absolute outrage. You can see the picture here

At first one might think, 'What’s so wrong about the picture?’ They are being respectful to the tiger cub and really just observing it in its fluffy cuteness. But the ugliness is beyond what the eye initially sees. Many people are upset because of what the picture represents: Beyoncé and her family are glorifying that animals are being held captive at places such as these theme parks.

One of the comments of outrage include: 'They are livin' their life. [People] can do that. But this baby tiger is not living his life.' So true! As the World Animal Protection has since stated, many tourists do not realize that tigers in such photos are 'forcibly removed from their mothers to be fed artificially by tourists. They are also crammed into tiny cages or chained to the floor for long periods.' 

That is simply heart-breaking!

By choosing to go to such tourist places, people and celebrities are continuing the horrid treatment and abuse of animals.

This picture is definitely a lesson for all of us: before you judge a picture by how it appears, take a bit of a deeper look into it and question everything about it. The reality might just be a lot darker than what you thought.



*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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