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Is Ellie Goulding a "Bad Vegan?"
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Is Ellie Goulding a "Bad Vegan?"

When celebrity vegans don’t commit to the lifestyle as much as they should, the internet is quick to fire verbal shots at them, telling them they’re not “good” vegans. But now singer Ellie Goulding claims it’s really easy to become a “bad” vegan. 

  • Balanced or Out of Tune? 

The singer recently labelled herself an “aspiring vegan”. One of the interesting things Goulding said was that it’s not difficult to follow a vegan lifestyle. However, while she makes sure she drinks green juice on a regular basis, salad and sweet potato fries, she says it’s really easy to be a bad vegan as many junk foods out there are classified as vegan even though they’re not healthy. For her, what’s important is to have a balanced approach and this seems to be the view she takes on food in general.  

  • Can Veganism Be Balanced? 

The thing about veganism is that it often feels like an extreme lifestyle choice. Once you commit, there’s supposed to be no going back and people are quite unkind to those who fall back into their previous lifestyles. But the interesting thing that Ellie Goulding’s ideas shed a light on is that you can walk around saying you’re vegan but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re healthy! You could be eating dairy-free cakes, pastries and fried chips every day, for instance, which really isn’t a good thing for your general wellbeing. While you're saving the animals, make sure you're not harming yourself.  Perhaps instead of only focusing on cutting out meat and dairy from our lives, we need to look at what we’re really eating on a daily basis and see if the majority of it is good for us. If the foods we’re eating are packed with sugar and heavily processed, they’re worth limiting in favour of clean foods. 

  • Choosing Your Vegan Life 

What happens if you want to have a balanced approach? Is there such a thing? The actual term for it is flexitarianism where you might sometimes eat meat or dairy. Choosing this option is a personal choice, but ultimately it’s worth deciding for yourself if it’s right for you. Although this might receive some flack from people who are completely vegan round the clock, the important thing is to find YOUR own special kind of balance based on your health, desires, reasons for cutting out non-vegan foods, and so on. For Ellie Goulding, that balance is choosing junk food and alcohol sometimes, while for you it might be something different. The key is to do the best you can with what you have at your disposal, remembering that perhaps veganism is not a 'one size fits all' lifestyle.


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  1. Support
    Thanks Giulia!
  2. Siamese
    I often see people who are vegan obsessed with preaching the vegan diet and reprimanding everyone around them for non compliance and then completely ignoring other lifestyle choices that are very damaging to animals. Eating foods with palm oil that has destroyed so many animals in its production. Or buying vegan shoes made from toxic chemicals that are irresponsibly disposed of and thus polluting rivers and streams that animals depend on. I agree with you completely, everyone needs to find their own balance and respect others choices. Many vegan groups get very aggressive when imo they would do so much more good by being supportive of peoples efforts.
  3. JackieD
    Non- vegetarians and vegans somehow don't understand that this is a CHOICE not a religion. So many times I'm asked "Are you allowed to have that?" I most often reply "only if I chose to".Regarding Ms Goulding, she says she is and "aspiring vegan" It isn't a lifestyle you just DO. It takes time to evolve.
  4. LauraG
    A personal choice? Choices are only personal if there is no victim whose choice is being ignored. That's why being 'flexitarian' is not a personal choice. Just like murdering a human or abusing a child is not a personal choice. And people do have different dietary requirements, but saying some people need animal products is nothing more than an excuse. I may need more iron, but I get it from spinach. My husband may need more protein, but he will get it from beans. My doctor suggested I eat ,meat when I was vegetarian, and then grudgingly admitted my bloodwork was better when I went vegan instead. Eating vegan junk food, however, is a personal choice. You can choose what to eat if it won't harm another living being.


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